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Hector Lewis, Kallianpur/Scotland
21/11/2011 17:32:07

@Jossey Saldanha this article is in Facebook thats why i came across, Cremation or Burial its an individuals choice, but when a religion has its own segments how the so called leaders can over see that. In this case the undertaker is a Priest, though his intentions are adverse, but given an intellectual thought the incident does not goes down the throat as the old Mother dont think ever agreed when her husband was burried and she is cremated. Well it gave me a chill in my spill looking at the age of deseased and the situation. Over all i cannot digest this article in this case and the individuals involved dead or alive. Well its my opinion as this article is available on a public media FACEBOOK http://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/milagreans/296292580392948/?notif_t=group_activity,

Molly S, Santhekatte/ New Zealand
21/11/2011 17:24:35

Congratulations Allan on being victorious in the event of Buffalo race the credit goes to Jockey and the water buffaloes their contribution in this regard is a reward that we may not forget to applaud. May God bless you, hope someday body builders go riding horses and win derby.

Vincy, Park Avenue JOVINO/ Kuwait
21/11/2011 13:26:23

Allen and Team, Congratulation, you have done a great job. I know you are very dedicated to which ever good work you do. My best wishes to You Sudhir and to everybody who involved in making this event success. Hats off to you guys, all the best for next event.

Braan, Kemmannu
21/11/2011 13:25:07

Alan, congratulations on winning the TOP of kambala The FIRST place. Braan fly kemman

VIncy, Park Avenue JOVINO/ Kuwait
21/11/2011 10:05:05

Allen and Team,
Congratulation, you have done a great job. I know you are very dedicated to which ever good work you do. My best wishes to You Sudhir and to everybody who involved in making this event success. Hats off to you guys, all the best for next event.

Jossey Saldanha, Mangalore/Mapusa/Mumbai
21/11/2011 05:59:58

Good to see so many responses from outsiders. Kemmannu web site is getting popular by the day.
My personal opinion is Cremation is not a bad idea especially if the deceased has left a will or a last request.
We had few such funerals in our parish too without any complication and in accordance to the last wishes.

21/11/2011 04:50:56

Mr. Allan team- CONGRATULATIONS! for being TOP. And also congratulations to the ORGANIZERS and all the PARTICIPANTS of this rural cultural sport-KAMBALA along with other sports in KEMMANNU.

In future, will it be possible to organize this KAMBALA RACE WITHOUT BEATING THE BUFFALOES- Why don’t try this in Kemmannu itself??

And also our wishes to kemmannu.com for the pro post publicity of this event KAMBALA in KEMMANNU!!!

Ramesh shetty, Kemmannu/abu dhabi
20/11/2011 18:34:59

Heart touching picture. Recalled my old sweet memories. thanks

Braan, kemman
20/11/2011 17:18:46

congratulations on winning the TOP of
kambala The FIRST place.
Braan fly kemman

Oswin, Dubai
20/11/2011 12:11:01

Wow what a show, We miss this fun, all the best to Allan Lewis, Sudhir Lewis, Stan/Santhan Lewis

Patrick Saldanha, Udupi/USA
19/11/2011 09:14:35

There should be a thorough investigation on this matter, if its against Catholic faith then how it was allowed.What examples people try to set, when there is so much going in and around in india. Such articles also should go on bigger websites to have a fairer opinion. But i think this was just unfair for 87 years old.

Aurel Dsilva, Kallianpur,Dubai
19/11/2011 08:33:39

Happy Birthday Abba we Miss your presence.

Pradeep Farias, Kallianpur/Melbourne
18/11/2011 21:57:39

May his soul rest in peace.

Saldanha, Udupi
18/11/2011 14:27:36

The authority of Holy Mother Church was not slow in responding to the cremation movement. On May 19, 1886, the Holy See issued a strong condemnation of all attempts to revive the pagan practice of cremation. The decree strictly prohibited Catholics from giving directions for the cremation of their own bodies or the bodies of others. Moreover, bishops and priests were directed to instruct the faithful that cremation is a detestable abuse, and in every way to urge Catholics to refrain from it.
On December 16 of the same year, the Holy See issued another decree which is still more emphatic. It directs that any Catholic cremated as a result of his own previously expressed desire is to be refused the rites of Christian burial.

Finally, on July 27, 1892, still another decree was issued, forbidding priests to administer the Last Sacraments to one who had arranged to have his body cremated, unless he repented of this defiance of the laws of the Church and canceled such arrangements. The Code of Canon Law (1917) expresses these decrees in Canons 1203 and 1240
Canon 1203: The bodies of the faithful must be buried, and cremation is reprobated.

Edward Noronha, Shirva/Kuwait
18/11/2011 07:02:42

Good sensible comments. Poor lady. I am sure she may had a wish to bury naturally asp catholics rites and rituals, instead becoming a item to collect some donations. I hope the collections may solved the needy peoples problems permanently and not used by the greedy people. To preserve the nature living people can do so many things on every day basis, instead trying on a dead person which is one last time for them.

Sandra Fernandes, Mangalore/Dubai
18/11/2011 06:47:41

Was it a will of deceased person? She born in Christian faith and after her death you made all experiments. Was it her wish? We should write a will to ourself and do all these so called noble causes on ourself than on others unless they have a will to do so. I pray for the departed soul MAY HER SOUL REST IN PEACE.

Mable, Bangalore/Dubai
17/11/2011 18:20:33

I think Mr.Everest Pinto has a point there. Rev Fr has a great interest to capitalise the situation. He thinks his feelings are greater than his mothers loved ones. I feel pity on the flower growers who are hard workers than the religious heads who play with the sentiments of simple devotees.

Everest Pinto, Udupi/Dubai
17/11/2011 17:58:46

All respect to you, but there are some admirers of your mother for various reasons and there is nothing good to offer better than a symbol of love and non hazardous thing is flowers, What is the guarantee the money donated is used for good cause?

B.M.ZAFFR, thonse Dubai U.A.E.
16/11/2011 08:55:06

It’s very sad to learn that Anna’s movement against corruption struck with religion. Unless we keep religion away from institutions like Lokpal, justice system, governance, security agencies and media we never succeed in achieving the goal for which Annaji’s fight. The great fighters like Anna, Kezariwal & kiran bedi must continue their fight for noble cause without giving chance for any religious head who always miss use our democracy. We can find from today’s dirty politics at national level or at state level or even at grass route level exist only because politics run by religious sentiment rather than works for social cause & l development Let us hope team Anna fight for noble cause keep distance on religion, caste & politics.

ICYM, Kemmannu
16/11/2011 03:48:02

Greetings from Kemmannu.

We had taken your suggestion in consideration after Avinash had requested to do so but,There are a couple of problems we encounter.like

> The dates as we mentioned are given by the district council. Every week there is an event planned. Since this involves 26 teams all the other parishes also should be free on that particular day. We do not see any other date when this is possible

> The engineering ans degree students start with their exams on the 8th onwards so we had to find a date before that.

> The last few days of dec is also a very busy time with wedddings and other activities coming up its a little difficult for both organizers and participants.

We deeply regret the inconvenience caused.If there was a way out we would definately opt it. The support and love we have got through the readers of Kemmannu.com is something which counts the most for us. Obliging to your request would be our main priority.But we are unable to do it.We feel equally bad to say this but the circumstances are so. but we assure the best possible, never before and on the spot pictures and updates for kemmannu.com.
Hope u’ll understand the situation we are facing co operate

Editor, www.kemmannu.com
15/11/2011 19:45:59

Dear ICYM President and Members,
We have lot of calls asking about postponing the tournament to 18th December instead of 4th December and some of the sponsors will attend if it is on 18th.
So is there any possibility to do so?
Please clarify to our readers, well wishers and sponsors.

Kirankumar, Abudhabi /yadabettu
15/11/2011 15:49:22

Tulu Naddha Gobbugu Swagatha Niklena Leppugu Solumelu.

Rakesh Andrade, Kemmannu
15/11/2011 13:52:09

Dear Vijju fly, Congratulations on the arrival of your new baby boy. God Bless.

Arun D’souza, Kallianpur/UK
15/11/2011 11:05:09

Avinash is correct and we suggest this tournament to shift in last week of Dec. after X’mas. So that most of the overseas spectators can attend and support. Let us know your decision.

Brian Menezes, Kemmannu
15/11/2011 08:34:29

Congratulations Vijay and Doris on the arrival of baby boy in your family.
With love from Menezes fly.

Agnel, Kemman/ Mumbai
15/11/2011 04:13:15

Congratulations Dear Vijju, Doris and Danica, on the arrival of new little angel. Wishes from Agnel, Shammy, Alreya and Anya.

Arvin,Shamil,Alroy,Sianna, Kemmannu
14/11/2011 16:59:02

Dear Vijay n Doris,
’Congratulations’ on Arrival of Baby Boy.
Wishes & Blessings from,
Arvin,Shamil,Alroy n Baby Sianna...

dian lewis, kemmannu/djibouti
14/11/2011 16:16:48

congratulations to vijay doris on the arrival of your little angel.dian,anitha,arlene and dallon lewis,

Donald, Dubai
14/11/2011 13:48:35

Dear Vijay Doris,
With love, we welcome your dear new baby to this world. Congratulations!

Donald, Reshma, Ria

Vijay, Kemmannu
14/11/2011 09:13:03

Congratulations to Vijay and Doris on the arrival of your little angel

Jossey Saldanha, Mangalore/Mapusa/ Mumbai
14/11/2011 07:58:43

I had kept my old footwear ready. But he skipped the area I lived.

Naveen udupi, naveenu@yaoo.com
14/11/2011 07:55:22

Good news pic mr.jayaprakash kini...........tx kemmannu.com

Rajesh, Malpe
14/11/2011 07:51:24

Santhmari started, enjoy!!

Malini Kundapur, kundapur
14/11/2011 07:43:19

Hai Kini good pic .........keep it up.......

Veena shetty M,lore, M,lore
14/11/2011 07:38:25

Good pics.............

Rajesh, Malpe
13/11/2011 04:43:48

Good luck to u guys

Ronald D’souza, Kemmannu
13/11/2011 03:43:27

Best of luck for your upcomming programe we kemmannites wish u all the very best for the show.

wilfy, kemman
12/11/2011 16:34:48

I wish all the best for Tonse kambla. Still I remember those childhood days we used to enjoy the ’bella kandy’.

Jossey Saldanha, Mangalore/Mapusa/ Mumbai
11/11/2011 07:37:59

CONGRESS guys are more professional in doing CHORI and seldom get caught.
BJP guys are all CHINDHI CHORS and even Yeddurappa gets caught doing small CHORI’s.
I guess all BJP guys should join CONGRESS for a couple of years and get some training.

Dian Lewis, keman /djibuti
10/11/2011 18:36:18

Thanks for the invitation,all the best for kambala

suchi kadiyali, kadiyali udupi
10/11/2011 17:53:27

Good pic Dear kini udupi.........you are my classmate .........GOOD NEWS,good pic keep it up...jai jayaprakash kini, udupi........hahahaaha.

KUSUMA, M,lore
10/11/2011 17:50:27

Good pic Mr kini....keep it up......

Jason F Andrade, Bangalore / Mumbai / Kemman
10/11/2011 07:59:15

Good Work For ICYM Kmmann Group.Please Post all the Volly Ball Match Photos.

Gambheer. GK, Malpe
10/11/2011 06:45:09

All the best for Tonse Padumane family, and for the participants too.
Jai Ho.

Jason F Andrade, Bangalore / Mumbai / Keman.
10/11/2011 02:19:05

All the Best For Keman Kambla.

From : Jason F Andrade

Ramesh Shetty, Kemmannu/Abu dhabi
09/11/2011 17:33:41

All the best for the tonse kamabala and thanks for the invitation.

Amit, Ahmedabad
09/11/2011 06:40:13

Mr Suhas Khamkar, you just did not make India proud, but the god of Muscle, our very own Mahaveer Bajrang bali will also feel proud on you. Mr. Khamkar also reminded me of our Maratha History to be precise I am referring here to our Shur Veer Sambhaji Raje Bhosle.

Shamini, Nangegunda/India
08/11/2011 04:38:41

If Shaila/Goa or Saldanha/Mapusa had helped, (instead of insulting with negative criticism), Fr. Max had no need to seek help from elsewhere. May be Russian Tourists can come to the rescue provided the beaches are nude....

Jossey Saldanha, Mangalore/Mapusa/Mumbai
07/11/2011 04:50:10

I fully agree with you Shaila. Fr Max Gonsalves seems to have lost his head to seek help from a communal rascal.

Govinda, Dubai
06/11/2011 07:28:15

Good photographs

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