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Ayajaz, dammam
28/12/2010 09:32:49

Dearest Zafar,
Assala alaikoum, Congratulations Best wishes. Allah the Almighty give you the best in health, Achievement success in future.
Best Regards,
Ayajaz Ahmed, Mohd. Afzal, Noor Ahmed

Dr Ranjan Mathias, Kemmannu / Doha
28/12/2010 09:01:21

Excellent work Mr Jaffer. Wish you all success in your project. The concern you shown to your villagers is really appreciated

Nazeer, Kemmannu / Bahrain.
28/12/2010 07:03:56

Dear Jaffar,
Many Congratulations, Very impressive work and very well adopted the nature’s beauty in your dream project. May Allah bless you in this great cause, this is not only the Service to humanity, you are converted this unseen tiny island into great landmark for generations, Wish you good luck and good health.
Nazeer Family, Bahrain.

28/12/2010 06:52:24

Thank you Mr. Alex, for given us the opportunity to know Mr. Zaffer and his simplicity with humility. It gives us the right message that success follows us if we are good at it and not the other way around. Doing good and talking good is also a way of worshipping God and Our intentions has to be right at heart and definetly "ALLAH " grant us success. Hearty congratulations to Mr. Zaffer and Dr. Rafiq for this great achievement.

Harish, Kemmannu
28/12/2010 05:25:01

Dear Mr. Zaffer,

Very good project. Service to humanity is service to god. We are very proud of you. May god give you enough strength and prosperity to continue good work like this.

Mohammed Sadik G, Hoode/Dubai
28/12/2010 04:57:38

Accept our heatiest congratulations on suceesful completion of the Project. May Allah bless you and Dr. Rafeeq to serve the humanity and wish THC a sucessful future ahead.
From Sadik Fly.

Agnel, Kemman/ Mumbai
28/12/2010 04:39:24

Congratulations Mr. B M Zaffer and all the very best. It is nice to know that you have greater plans for your hometown and we wish that every plan of yours may turn into a reality.

27/12/2010 19:59:00


Arvin Quadros-Kemmannu,Abudhabi, KEMMANNU
27/12/2010 17:30:17

Hi Mr.B.M.Zaffar Congrats!!! Thanks for the Invitation.. Best wishes for your every success and looking forward further more services for poor society.....

Jossey Saldanha, Kemmannu
27/12/2010 17:12:08

Emiratis - Do you think other nationalaties are all cattle to impose quota ?

Suresh Kotian, Malpe
27/12/2010 17:00:08

Nice to Know about this project in our neighbourhood, congratulations to the promoters and good luck to kemmannu.com, you people are doing good.

Sameer Baikadi, Thonse Hoode-Saudi Arabia
27/12/2010 15:21:15

Zaffer Bai

Congratulations!! Masha Allah It looks Fantastic, I pray to Allah he will give you more and more strength and support to do more work like this in future.

Best wishes from Sameer Fly.

27/12/2010 14:35:18


Mohammed Rizwan, Thonse
27/12/2010 12:07:10

Assalamwlkm..Mashaalla..:)dis is a great previlage to THONSE for making dis wonderful n helpful project(dream)of u...Hearty Congratulations to u n all members whose behind dis project ..:)may allah fulfil all yo upcomin dreams..
T Abbas n Family

27/12/2010 08:32:12

Dear John bab Neeta bai,

Wishing both of you a Happy Wedding Anniversary!

May the Lord Almighty shower his choicest blistful blessings on you and keep you always healthy and cheerful mood....



With Best Wishes

Flavian D Souza, Kemmannu, Mumbai
27/12/2010 03:04:44

Dear Jona,

Wish you a Very Happy Wedding Anniversary....Best regards...Flavian

Sujit Bangera, Mumbai ,Bhandup
26/12/2010 18:33:58

I am very happy that my picture has been posted in kemmannu.com
I realy thank you for doing this
I want to requst you if you have more images of kotti chennaya sports meet 2010 images of Kotti that is my brother Ajit and Chennaya thats me Sujit,
I want images when we where both together if you have that image than please send that to me on my email ID
thats :suji2802@gmail.com
Thank you onece agian to posting my photo in your web site

kausar Iqbal shiroor, Tonse
26/12/2010 12:59:44

dear zafar bhai, Allahtala aapko din dugni raat chaugni tarraki de... AMEEN

Nihal karkala, udupi, karkala
26/12/2010 12:24:04

Congratulation. great effort. wish u best of luck. may allah bless you.

Shalet, Mangalore
26/12/2010 11:50:12

Its the mistake of us Christians also. We nowadays give too much importance to BJP Leaders and invite them to our Programs to inagurate or as Chief Guest for our Catholic functions as no one other than BJP Leaders are there. Other day Advani was invited for Konakni programme. Why this ? Now see the way these RSS and Bajrangdal people behave. Ayappa or Dalit people should go and join Hindu Scools or Government Schools. If they cannot follow the instructions or attend classes when the Head Master says, this is clearly disobdience. RSS, BAJRANGDAL should not interfere in Educational Institution Affairs. First time in the History of Karnatka and South, a Catholic Instituion is targetted. Milagres is a very old Institution and I am also a ex-student of this. Its a sad Political Leaders get involved. This is to tarnish Catholic Institutions. Till BJP in power we Catholics will face all this. Two years ago our Chruches and Prayer Halls were attacked and burnt. Only when BJP came to power this all started. God save our Catholic Institutions from these GOONDAS and GOONDARAJ. Under Yeddy s Leaddership this is all expected as he himself is CORRUPT and in LAND SCAM.

shaikh fahad, moodbidri/saudi arabia
26/12/2010 11:44:18

dear Mr.jaffar bhai its really a great achivement..mashaalha its wonderful project... inshalla let allaha bring all the sucess on real efforts and humanity..wish u all the best...

Herald, Kinnigoli/Abu Dhabi
26/12/2010 06:37:52

We wish to convey our heartfelt condolences to the entire bereaved family on the sad demise of our beloved Katthu Aunty. May the Lord grant great strength to you all to bear this irreparable loss. May his departed soul rest in peace!

shahnawaz kukkikatte, udupi/dubai
26/12/2010 04:08:13

This is nothing but preplanned and fabricated just to malign christian insitutions and some radical hindu organisations are trying their best to polarise the indian society on communual lines. The HM and teacher are victims of fundamentalism and the case against must be discharged and they must be honored with whats due to them. This is one more form of saffron terrorism

Rohith, Udupi
25/12/2010 08:45:27

It seems to be election made politics and religioun combined.Educated people of Udupi now dancing to the music of politicians.unfortunately a dalith boy have been utilized as the material for their votebank to allegate against a sincere Headmaster who never bother about religioun or politics.when election comes they remember samajothsava and other unneccssary activities to disturb mental peace.we salute Mr.Paul Lobo..

Aftab, Tonse
25/12/2010 08:08:42

I have studied in Milagres High School from 1995 to 1998 for 3 academic years.I feel sad when some people target Mr.Paul Lobo who dedicate his service to Instituion with sincerity and devotion.Mr.Paul Lobo is a secular Teacher who used to treat us like kids with discipline and good moral character.His solicitude towards student shows how eager he is to mold the student for future.During his leadership school got State level Rank and anyone wants to clarrify they can contact his ex-students practicing any religioun.I have never scene him communal and biased even he was serving for Church administered school.During our Friday prayer he was allowing us extra hours to go for Mosque.He used to play vollyball in the ground as if he is our classmate.
During my visit to India i met him personally and he still remember his old students name even after decades.
Educated people of Udupi should stand for his support irrespective of religioun,caste,or party.Mera Bharath Mahan..

Muzaffer M, Udupi
24/12/2010 18:16:30

As far as incident is concerned I can’t say much as I have not seen it. But after studying for 3 long years under Mr. Paul R Lobo definitely I can say something about him. He is not only a good teacher; he is one of the top teachers I have seen. He is highly professional and very serious about the education of the students. And he is a very hard working and dedicated teacher. He treats all students like children. He never discriminate the students based on religion. It was very sad that such a teacher has been targeted by some biased people. Its good that problem has been solved now and I hope he will continue his service for the education of the children of the region without any further problem.

Muzaffer M
Milagrees High School Student (1994-1997)

Ustad Abdul Razak, thonse/ Dubai
24/12/2010 16:08:31

Masha allah,Zaffer bhai it is great achievement.in May ALLAH bless you with all the sucess.in your future.

usthad.Abdul Razak., Thonse.Hoode
24/12/2010 14:21:02

Dear Brother jaffer.MASHALLAH it is a wonderful project in our area.Allahsubhanawatahala give you success and more improvmet in your future.Usthad.A.Razak. Dubai.

Denzil Mendoza (Dennu), Kallianpur/Bahrain
24/12/2010 12:55:53

Dear Richard, Diana, Alban, Iri Bai, Ida Bai, Sr. Dotty and rest of the relatives, my Hearty condolences at the demise of Mrs. Cathrene. I pray the Almighty give you all the strength to bear this great loss. May her Soul Rest in Peace.

zafrullah, dubai
23/12/2010 20:14:35

Dear Zaffer bhai congratulations wish you all the best and success in this and your future projects.Zafrullah K.Fazal Dubai

Hanif, Mysore / Dubai
23/12/2010 14:55:26

Thanks for the invitation. Allow me the opportunity to compliment and congratulate you on your Health Centre. I hope, wish and pray that the move turns out to be a joyous landmark in and around Tonse for a long long period of time. It is a pleasure to hear of this great news. May Allah bless the occasion and thereafter with success.

Bindu bhat, udupi
23/12/2010 14:49:15

Good news kemmannu.com,keep it up Mr.jayaprakasha kini. ............Student want more news from your side........

mohd.ayub tonse sheikh, dubai
23/12/2010 12:11:22

congratulation wish u all the best allaha will full fill u r all dreams.mohd.ayub tonse sheikh and family

Fardan Shaikh, Hoode/ RAK
23/12/2010 11:42:53

Dear Jaffar Bhaijan..MashAllah.. It is a great achievement..May Allah bless you with all the sucess. I wish you the very best. .Allah Hafiz

Sadanand Hegde, Kallianpura/UAE
23/12/2010 10:13:01

True colour of people exposed . Good identification Mr.Sadik. I too think immediate response should be given by Mr.Zafar and Dr.Rafiq.

Imtiyaz M, Hoode
23/12/2010 10:05:13

dear Sadik ( Chakki Thota) regardiing your comment ...Mr.B.M Zafar and DR.Rafiq cant go to such a low level it is definately a slip.

23/12/2010 08:44:52

Your wishes are our power. Thanks to each everyone from our bottom of heart. I feel what ever I achieved Allahs good fortune on us. Blessings from my parents / elders , support from my family and good heart from all corner of the society make my dream into reality.
About Mr.Sadik’s comments he knows we are religious( non-communal ), secular (non-political) people who works for the social cause. We respect each everyone above politics, religion group of our society. About Ms. Veronica ( honorable Taluk Panchayath Member), we have great respect we always honored her with respect on our every functions. She will be always with us. We regret very much for excluding her name by our organizing committee by mistakes. This is purely by mistakes without any politics. I request Mr.Sadik, please take this matter in a very positive way, we really appreciate your frank and open comment. I like to inform you that I just landed from abroad yesteday night and before your comment we have taken step to rectify this error still We welcome any suggestions for the betterment of the society. May Allah Bless us all.

rajashekhara rao, nejar/muscat
23/12/2010 08:42:19



Amith Kumar, UDUPI
23/12/2010 03:40:40

It is disgusting that the teachers can not take disciplinary action on students and such a small incident has been used by the opportunists as if sky is falling on them.Sorry to say I m also an Iyeppan vrathadhari but I condemn these things.

Divakar, Thonse, Udupi
23/12/2010 02:40:18

May be the teacher beat the student with good intention for the benifit of the student, for teachers all students are equal, good the problems solved in a peaceful understanding.

shaikh zakria ameer, RAK
22/12/2010 20:29:25

WOw amazing project.ALmighty Allah gives you sucess and Hidaya..
keep-up the good work..
Allah fulfill your dream..Amin..

Malcolm Dmelo, Mumbai
22/12/2010 17:27:21

Dear Sir Thomas
Happy birthday to you. We visit kemmann.com in Mumbai and get good palpate of native abode we see your articles, news report that is tending to increase knowledge and dissipate ignorance. You have been elected in panchayat member and you will rise to heights. We hope you will be the president if contested?

sydney dsouza, kemmannu/dubai
22/12/2010 16:05:43

Many many happy returns of the day Thomas.

Sadik Hoode, Chakki Thota
22/12/2010 14:46:40

Congrats on the wonderful project.

but i happened to come across the invitation in the end of the article. I noticed that the Zilla Panchayath and the Gram Panchayath member are chief guests, But middle tier Taluk Panchayath member is ignored completely.

It is my personal observation that the poor and needy from hoode area are most benefited from Mrs. Veronica Cornelio the Taluk Panchayath member and she has worked relentlessly for providing health cards from KMC hospital,specially to muslims and when she is ignored for such a wonderful event it is an insult to her, Ofcourse it is the privilage of the management to decide whom to invite and not but in this instance it appears, some dirty politics has entered the organizing committee. I am sure this comment will act as a eye opener and the responsible, especially the Chairman and medical director and concerned authorities will act immediately.

Thank You

Zakir Hussain Tonse, Thimman Kudur / Dammam
22/12/2010 13:56:41

Masha Allah, May Almight Allah subhanwathala give you success and improvments in future.

Sadik, Hoode/Dubai
22/12/2010 10:46:18

When someone throws stone at you, that means you are a good tree full of fruits. They see lot of harvest in you that s why they attack you. Don t throw stones back at them, throw your fruits instead and the fruits seed planted in themselves will inspire a change for them, don t go down to their level, inspire them to go up to yours

Nagaraj, Kemmannu
22/12/2010 08:12:39

Good coverage by Kemmannu .com. But kemmannu.com as a media forgot put photograph and report anual day celebration of Hindu Higher primary school Kemmannu. Alway I am noticing there is no report of Junior college of kemmannu and other school near by Kemmannu. Kindly I requesting kemmannu.com dont give chance to comment . you are not reporting main news of Kemmannu and reporting others

eric, b lre-43
22/12/2010 06:51:16

dear sir,


Faruk Ahammad, Hoode
22/12/2010 06:11:15

Mashallha. Congratulations for the great success.

Yadav Kumar Tonse, Gajane,Kemmannu/Saudi Arabia
22/12/2010 00:00:00

Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day. God Bless You.

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