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Happy Birthday
Happy birthday Steve

Happy birthday Steve,
Happy birthday and many happy returns of the day

Wishes from Rosni Roxan Uncle and Aunt

From, Roxan, Gopalpura, Santhekatte

Happy Birthday
Royden Dominic D’Souza

Royden Dominic D’Souza,
Wish You a very Happy Birthday Royden many more ahead!!

From Dad : Richard
Mom : Collin D’Souza
Sister : Raylen D’Souza

Regency, Santhekatte Kallianpur

From, Richard D’Souza, Kallianpur

Happy Birthday
Dear Ashok,

Dear Ashok,,
Happy Birthday, sweetheart! I’m so glad that God sent you into this world!
Today is a perfect day to tell you that you are the most amazing person I have ever met in all my life. Warm wishes for a Happy Birthday to you!

From, Aurel, kallianpur

Happy Birthday
Baby Sianna....

Baby Sianna....,
Dearest Angel Sianna,

On the joyest occasion, as you turn " 1 " today, we would like to thank good Lord for the gift of you in our lives from the depths of our heart.

Our hearts are filled with joy and happiness, when we watch your innocent smile, playing with simple things, the words that you babble and especially when you try to stand, trusting that one of us would be right behind to hold you.

Happy Birthday, God Bless You Aboundantly Today And Always...

Lots of Love Prayers
Pressy mai,Daddy, Mummy Alroy
Lilly Alvares n Fly ..Mukka

From, Arvin Quadros, Kemmannu

Happy Birthday
Fr Ivan Rodrigues

Fr Ivan Rodrigues,
Wish you a Very Happy Birthday

May God’s Joy brighten your day with his blessings love.

Happy Birthday!

Richard, Collin, Raylen Royden D’Souza

From, Richard D’Souza, Kallianpur

Happy Birthday
Stanley D’Souza

Stanley D’Souza,
Dear Stanley,

As we observe your birthday now,
Your cake and gifts don’t matter much.
These common things aren’t really you,
Ribbons, paper hats and such.

We celebrate a person who,
Brings happiness to everyone.
Someone who gives more than he gets,
And fills our lives with joy and fun.

So Happy Birthday, and many more!
We hope you make it to a hundred and two,
Because we always want to have
The special pleasure of knowing you.

With lots of love and best wishes,
From Lilly Mai,
Charles-Helen, Reshma-Pavan, Riyana-Joy, Kieara Krisha,
Oswald-Mable, Shanol-Sandeep, Shayan,
John-Denzil, Deon Sana.

From, Denzil Britto, Kemmannu / Doha Qatar

Happy Birthday
Dearest Stanly

Dearest Stanly,
Loving,caring,supportive and protective....
You are the role model for all the brothers around the world.
On your birthday we wish you,another happy,healthy and successful year of your life.
May you get the best of everthing you deserve.
Happy birthday to you !!!
Lots of love and Kisses from,

From, Sydney,Veena and Rhea, kemn/dubai

Happy Birthday
Stanley Dsouza

Stanley Dsouza,
Dear Stanley,

Wishing You A happiest and sweetest day in your life.

We Wish u a very happy bday ,n many more to come.
May the blessings of the Lord be with u on ur bday, always protect u,
give u good health, keep u always happy n smiling.
Let this day fill u with full of happiness. May the Al mighty God shower his choicest blessings upon u fulfill all ur dreams true.


With Lots of love, from :
Mom, Archi,Nirmala
Arnold Nikhil…

From, Nikhil Menezes, kemmannu

Happy Birthday
Dearest Stany,

Dearest Stany,,
May life bring lots and lots of blessings for a wonderful dad, loving husband and a caring son,
as loving as YOU !
You have always proved yourself in every relation you have.
May you have blissful future in store.



loving wishes coming your way,

Clarice, Sam and Mom Lilly
samdwell,Kemmannu / Dubai

From, Clarice, Kemman/Dubai

Happy Birthday
Dear Hanie,

Dear Hanie,,
Dear Hanie,

We Wish you a Many Many Happy Returns of the Day.

May the Almighty God Shower his blessing on you.

And keep you happy and give you a sucessfull life.

Wishes and Love From,

Rony Uncle,Gretta Aunty,Garey and Rio.

From, Ronald D’souza, Dubai

Happy Birthday
Haniel Machado

Haniel Machado,
Dear Hanie,
Wishing u a very happy Birthday . May you cut many more cakes and Blow many more candles all your dreams come true.
Have a great Day.

With Heartfelt warm wishes
Mom,Dad , Hazel Albert .

From, Hazel, Dubai

Happy Birthday
Dorothy D’sa

Dorothy D’sa,
Dear Dora,
May the happiest day of the year bring you what you care for the most. May the most joyous day in the year bring you unlimited hope. May the most fun day in the year convert your foes into friends. I bet no one has given you as wonderful a Birthday wish as this one. Happy Birthday! May you have many happy years to come.
Love From,
Maxim, Asha, Melita, Annalita

From, Maxim Saldanha, Kemmannu/U.S.A

Happy Birthday
Asher Baba

Asher Baba,
Asher Baba

Happy Birthday

Enjoy the day

From, Danica and Davin, Bahrain

Happy Birthday

Dear jeetu happy birthday many more to come , god bless you muuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaa

From, joswin @ joslita fernandes, Santhekatte

Happy Birthday
Anitha Vaz, Bahrain

Anitha Vaz, Bahrain,
Wish you a very Happy Birthday and many more to come.

May God bless you, give you many more with joy, happiness and good health.

Love, prayers and best wishes

From, Alex, Ophy and Asher Lewis,, Kallianpur

Happy Birthday
Paul Vincent Dsouza

Paul Vincent Dsouza,
Hey Paul,

We all wish you many many Happy Returns of the day. May God bless you with his shower of blessings.

Wishes from

Roney fly Kemmannu dubai.

From, Ronald dsouza, kemmannu

Happy Birthday
Our Loveing Dady..

Our Loveing Dady..,
Blessings of God are priceless and this comes true when WE look at you. God is great and you are His best blessing in our lives. May you live a happy long life!
Happy Birthday to you our loveing Dady...
Renisha Viola D’souza
Rachel Vilina D’souza

From, Renisha Viola And Rachel Vilina D’souza, Kemmannu

Happy Birthday
My Sweet Loveing Husband

My Sweet Loveing Husband,
Birthday gives you a new touch to your life and makes you ready to face all the challenges and gives you a spirit with the happy celebration that all of your coming days should be worthy to be celebrated. Wish you an ambitious birthday!

Happy Birthday to you My Sweet Loveing Husband..

From, Rita D’souza, Kemmannu

Happy Birthday
Dear Mable

Dear Mable,
You have plenty more years to enjoy life to the fullest. After that you’ll be back to becoming a child again. So make the best of what you’ve got! Happy 50th Birthday.
They say that life just begins at fifty and that’s so true. Having fulfilled all your responsibilities, you can now put your legs up on the hammock and sip your Margarita. Have a fun filled 50th Birthday!


From, Sylvester Dsouza fly, Sasthan

Happy Birthday
Happy Anniversary to Archie   Nirmala

Happy Anniversary to Archie Nirmala,
Dear Archie Nirmala,

Hoping that the love you shared years ago
Is still as strong today as it was
then Bringing you much joy , love and happiness To celebrate again.

Happy Anniversary

Lots of love From, Mom,Stany,Clarice Sam

From, Stanly, Dubai/Kemmannu

Happy Birthday

Hi Jasson/Putta

Happy Birthday and many happy returns of the day. Have a Gr8 Day.

From, Kemmannu Friends, UAE

Happy Birthday
Silwian pinto

Silwian pinto,
Dear Bavoji,

We all wish you a very happy birthday and good wishes to you always.god will bless his shower of blessibng always on you.

Wishes from,

Roney Gretta

Garey Rio.

From, Ronald dsouza, kemmannu

Happy Birthday

Dear Mom,

Mom, your birthday means so much to me;
To have you in my life another year,
The time I spent enfolded in your love,
Each day, each moment with you is so dear.
I cherish the very special bond we have.
You lift my spirit in so many ways.
I celebrate your life; I honor you,
And send to you my love and care and praise.

Wishing you many happy returns of the day.

With love,
Mai,Harald,Shoba,Hazlin and Hansel, Negar.
Agnello,Shammi,Alriya and Anya, Mumbai.
Rony and Rupal, Qatar.
Agnello,Shammi,Alriya and Anya


Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Darling Husband(Silwy)

Happy Birthday Darling Husband(Silwy),
Dear Darling,

Wish you many many happy returns of the day my dear husband. God Bless you and give you all happiness.

From your
loving wife (Nancy)

From, Shameen, Mangalore

Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Daddu

Happy Birthday Daddu,
Dear Dad,

Let this beautiful day of your life bring all the happiness to you and all your dreams come true. Wishing you a very many happy birthday dad.

Shami Sheldon

From, Shameen, Mangalore/Dubai

Happy Birthday
Dear Shammy/ Mom

Dear Shammy/ Mom,
On your Birthday...
We wish you smiles and joy...
We want all your wishes to come true...

May each minute and second be filled with happines...
And may this Birthday be just perfect for you!

We wish you good health and happiness
in life today and always!

Happy Birthday Dear!

With lots of luv from
Agnel, Alreya and Anya

From, Agnel, Kemman/ Mumbai

Happy Birthday

Happy first birthday to you...
Wishing you a very wonderful life ahead,
Your life has just begun.
Happy birthday to a super special one year old.

May the Lord Jesus, Bless you abudantly and keep you happy, safe and keep you in his loving care always, baby lisa.

sending you these loving wishes and hugs, eventhough we are not near to witness your first birthday bash,

Lots and lots of kisses and hugs from, your aunty leena and uncle prakash

From, Leena dias, Shirva

Happy Birthday
Dear Arun,

Dear Arun,,
Happy birthday, may this day always be a special one to remember.
Best Wishes,
Papa, Mai,Loving Wife Lovlin, Darling Son Adriel,Bro Ashok,Sis in Law Aurel,Sis Savita,Bro in Law Anand,Nephew Adlene,Bro Eslin, Sis in Law Sylvia.

From, Dsilva fly, Soolkudru, Sastan

Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to Winny

Happy Birthday to Winny,
Dear Winny

We All Wish You A Very Happy Birthday,
May The Almighty God Bless you Always Keep You Happy And Good Prosperous Life.

Once again wish you a very happy birthday.

Wishes From,

Bro Roney, Oni Gretta
Garey Rio.
Mai all Family Members.

From, Roney, Dubai

Happy Birthday

Dear Winny,
we wish you a very very happy birthday may god bless you and keep you happy always.

Yours loving siter Nancy,Brother in law Silwy,Sheldon,Shamin.

From, Nancy pinto, Valencia Mangalore

Happy Birthday
Melita Saldanha

Melita Saldanha,
Dearest Melita,

Wishing you many many happy returns of the day.
God bless you dear methu.

With Love
Maxim (Dad),Asha(Mom) Annalita(Sis.)

From, Maxim Saldanha, Kemmannu/USA

Happy Birthday
SAGAR D’SOUZA,kemmannu

SAGAR D’SOUZA,kemmannu,
"Happy Birthday to you"
"Many Many happy returns of the day"

Wishing you a happiest day in your life.



Happy Birthday
Happy First  Birthday Krisha

Happy First Birthday Krisha,
Happy ONE, Honey Bun! sweet darling Krisha,

Happy first birthday to you...
Wishing you a very wonderful life ahead,
Your life has just begun and you’re already one.
Happy birthday to a super special one year old.

May the Lord Jesus, Bless you abudantly and keep you happy, safe and keep you in his loving care always, baby Krisha.

sending you these loving wishes and hugs from far, eventhough we are not near to witness your first birthday bash,

Lots and lots of kisses and hugs from,

Mai, Stany uncle, Clarice aunty,
Shanol, Shayan and Sam

From, Stanley, Kemmannu /Dubai

Happy Birthday

Dear Darling Harshal,

Happy Birthday to you. God Bless you and many more to come.

Lots of Kisses
Dada, Mamma, your loving Bro Hayden

From, Sharmila / Harry, Kemmanu / Kuwait

Happy Birthday
Michael Serrao,Mississauga Canara

Michael Serrao,Mississauga Canara,
Dear Micky,

It’s your birthday time again
It’s true; there’s no denying,
Another year has come and gone;
You know that I’m not lying.

So for you, the birthday person,
Here’s what I want to say:
I hope this birthday’s the best one yet,
In every delightful way.

So happy birthday to you.
Have lots of birthday fun!
May your birthday wishes all come true,
Even if you have a ton.

With wishes
Uncle Simon Lasrado and family

From, Simon Lasrado, Sullia/Bangalore

Happy Birthday
Richard D ’Souza

Richard D ’Souza,
Wish you a very Happy Birthday and many more ahead!!

Collin,Raylen Royden D’Souza

From, Collin D’Souza, Kallianpur

Happy Birthday
David and Leena Fernandes,Bangalore

David and Leena Fernandes,Bangalore,
Dear David and Leena,

Love brought you together
As husband and wife
And gave each of you
A best friend for life

Today’s a very special day
Reserved for just you two
Here’s wishing you rich happiness
Today, and all year through.

With wishes,
Simon Lasrado and family

From, Simon Lasrado, Sullia/Bangalore

Happy Birthday
Dr.Anita Rego Hyderabad

Dr.Anita Rego Hyderabad,
Dearest Anita,

We wish you well this birthday,
A life that’s full of of kindness, peace.
Of happiness your life should sing,
Of love in life such days should bring.

Your birthday is a special day,
With so much fun to come your way.
A birthday verse that hopes the best
Another year of life that’s blessed.

Have a joyful birthday today

Wishes from
Uncle Sunny,Matilda aunty and Ashita

From, Simon Lasrado, Sullia/Bangalore

Happy Birthday

happy bday

From, Paul, Balehole

Happy Birthday
Lovina Correa Kundapur

Lovina Correa Kundapur,
Dearest Lovina,

A world of wishes,
Meant especially for you,
May all the nicest things be yours
Today and all year through.

Happy Birthday
This comes with many
special thoughts and
warmest wishes, too,

Because it means
so much to have a
Sister in law like you.
Happy Birthday
For a relative Who is Special

Wishing you
special happiness,
Wonderful memories.
And all the best
On your birthday
And every day.

With warm wishes
Sunny,Matilda and Ashita

From, Simon Lasrado, Sullia/Bangalore

Happy Birthday
Trevor Rego,Kuwait

Trevor Rego,Kuwait,
Dearest Trevor,

This Birthday card is sent
with special wishes too
Because you’re extra special
and because today is too

It’s really nice to have a Nephew
Especially one like you
And so this wish is sent
with all our love to you

Happy Birthday Trevor
And have a wonderful day today
May God bless you abundantly
And may all your dreams come true.

With wishes,
Uncle Sunny,Aunty Matilda and Ashita

From, Simon Lasrado, Sullia/Bangalore

Happy Birthday

Dear Susha, Wish you a happy birthday.. and many more happy returns of the day . May god bless you abundantly and grant you good health ,happiness,peace and success.Have a wonderful day.
WITH LOTS OF LUV FROM Daddy,Mummy,Brother Suwin

From, Winny dsouza, Nejar / Dubai

Happy Birthday
Doris, Lewis, Bahrain

Doris, Lewis, Bahrain,
Dear Doris

Wish you a very happy birthday and many happy returns of the day.

Enjoy the day and May God Bless you with good health, peace and happiness

Best wishes From

Alex,Ophy and Asher Lewis

From, Ophy, Kallianpur

Happy Birthday
Simon Lasrado,Bangalore

Simon Lasrado,Bangalore,
Dear Dad,

Of all the men in the whole wide world,
Whose praises are sung out loud,
There is no man whom I respect more,
Or of whom I am more proud.

Throughout the years, you’ve worked so hard
To provide us a happy life;
You’ve been there to help and give advice,
And you did it all without strife.

That is why on this day each year,
I pray all your wishes come true;
Today we celebrate your life,
So Dad, Happy Birthday to you.

With lots of love,hugs and kisses
Ashu putta

From, Ashita Lasrado, Bangalore

Happy Birthday
Simon Lasrado,Bangalore

Simon Lasrado,Bangalore,
Dear Sunny,

No matter how much we fight and argue
Or don’t get to spend together enough time.
I will never be able to explain what you mean to me,
You are like a rainbow coming from a cloud underneath.
Happy Birthday to you.

The daily chores of life, tends to get us so busy,
The tensions we face everyday gets our heads dizzy.
But even amidst all this mess I just want you to know,
Dearest Sunny I love you more than I may show.

I forget to remind you my darling how much I really care,
Today I want to tell you dear, that I’m always there.
Happy birthday.God bless you and
May all your dreams come true.

With love and wishes

From, Matilda Lasrado,Bengaluru, Basrikatte/Bangalore

Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Dear Shamin

Happy Birthday Dear Shamin,
Dear Shamin,
Many happy returns of the day.May the almighty God shower his blessings on you.May u live a happy and successful life.
Have a wonderful day.........Enjoy!

Best wishes from,

From, Roney uncle,Gretta aunt,Winny aunt,Garey Rio, Dubai

Happy Birthday
Shameen Pinto

Shameen Pinto,
Enjoy your day many many happy returns of the day.mom dad .Silwy Nancy. sheldon

From, Nancy pinto, Mangalore Valencia

Happy Birthday
Dear Rennu

Dear Rennu,
It’s a special gift to have a sister/Daughter like you...
on you birthday we are sending warm wishes your way
to wish you a day as wonderful as you are!

Happy Birthday!!!

Luv wishes From
Mummy Every family member
@Agnello Cottage, Kemman.

From, Agnel, Kemman

Happy Birthday

Dear Mom,

Wishing you a happy B’day.

Your loving daughter,

From, Michelle, Kemmannu / Mumbai

Happy Birthday

Dear Rennu,

Many many happy returns of the day darling.

Have a nice day.

With lots of love from your hubby

From, Philip Dsouza, Kemmannu / Mumbai

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