Impact after story - " Give a Road, Save Padukudru " Campaign.

Kemmannu News Network, 02-06-2016 05:46:37

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Impact after story - " Give a Road, Save Padukudru " Campaign.

Inputs from Mrs. Veronica Cornelio on what has happened post the story appearing on

After reading the comments for road in Padukudru on, conversation was with Mr. Gururaj Bhat, Panchayath Member from Padukudru and he has happily agreed to let the road pass through his property (riverside).

The entry plot belongs to a different owner, Mr. Gururaj Bhat and others are also in conversation with the owner and are hopeful for a positive response.

The government formality / procedure will work as follows

1. Now that all the land owners are positive to give way for the road access (Which is in progress). A written approval will have to be taken from all the parties.

2. The Brook ( thodu) that is in the way will have to be filled up and a bridge will have to be constructed . There are 2 ways to proceed from here

•    Approach the Local MLA for sanction of funds for construction of bridge and road. This process might take 6-8 months or more depending on the availability of funds from the MLA
•    Option 2 is to initiate the process with the contribution of beneficiaries, not depending on the government. All benefitting parties can contribute and proceed immediately post approvals

This proposal was brought to notice during the elections and with the initiative of local leaders and Mrs. Veronica Cornelio and the support of readers is being now taken up aggressively.

Another long pending request of a road from Gajani residents is also under process.. Very soon a road access will be available there. This could only be possible due to the interest taken by the Landlords and residents of the area. The entry property for this road has been purchased from a needy family with the contribution from the locals.

Thanks to Kamala Teacher’s son, who kick started by offering his land for free to build the road to Gajani. However, the residents and landlords under the leadership of local leaders got together and opted for a more viable route and the work is on in this direction.

With the initiative of Local leaders a meeting also held with Local MLA Mr. Pramod Madwaraj and he has given his thumps up for these roads in Padukurdu.

Among the landlords, Mr. Madhava Rao and Mr. Shyama Rao, have also willingly supported the cause of road constructions in Padukudru. They have happily agreed whenever approached for road access. These leaders along with all the other people who have contributed in the construction of roads and bridges in our village need to be acknowledged and appreciated.

Editors Note:

Immediately after seeing the comments for road in Padukudru Mrs. Veronica Cornelio sent a note to www.  assuring  her full support in whatever way possible to bring about the development work in and around Kemmannu.

The feedback collected by Team says most of the roads that have been constructed in Kudrus have been initiated by Mrs. Veronica Cornelio, local leader, Chairperson of Karnataka Soaps and Detergents Limited, who is considered as champion of knowledge with regard to the schemes available from the government, especially for widows, handicapped and the backward classes. Her selfless contribution for the past 20 years to the society has widely been acknowledged by various organizations and institutions.

Thank you Madam.

File Pic: District Rajoystava Award Winner Mrs. Veronica Cornelio.

Earlier News:

’Bengaluru will be an unliveable, dead city in 5 years’ (DHNS)

Bengaluru has become a big concrete jungle, with few open spaces and little tree cover. DH PHOTOExponential and unbridled growth in real estate in Bengaluru has a direct bearing on environment and human health. Buildings have come up in places where there were once trees or open spaces. What if this continues to happen even on the periphery of Namma Bengaluru? What are its long-term implications on the ecosystem?

A study conducted by the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) presents an alarming picture. It shows 525% growth in built-up area in the last four decades, 78% decline in vegetation 79% decline in water bodies. These are not just figures, but the lakes and trees that surrounded you have quietly disappeared as a result of the urban sprawl.

‘Senseless growth’

Prof T V Ramachandra of the Centre for Ecological Sciences at the IISc calls it ‘senseless growth.

What’s the point earning better when the food that you eat is adulterated? As a result of unplanned urbanisation, Bengaluru is going to be an unliveable and dead city in the next five years, he said.

It was not the same case before. Bengaluru was the most sought-after among big cities given its pleasant climate and the easy availability of land, a decent economy and low-key politics.

Urban expert Ashwin Mahesh blames the Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) for not coming out with a sectoral plan.

“The BDA has become an agency which facilitates land deals for the benefit of corrupt politicians. People feel it should be closed down,” he said.

Environmentalist Yellappa Reddy said, “The government is not competent enough to foresee the future implications of the present growth. There is no proper policy on land use and water. Land is being exploited on the whims and fancies of the politicians.”

He urged the government to use 40,000 acres of evicted land for community benefits such as creating lung space, water bodies and playgrounds.

How to decongest

Prof Ramachandra said the government must take necessary steps to decongest Bengaluru. Besides banning new industries in the city, the government should make sure other districts get these economic benefits, he added.

‘Government must act’

“It’s disturbing to see private developers dominate government decisions. The norm to keep at least 15-20 % of the city as open space is ignored, stormwater drains and water bodies have been narrowed. At least now, the government should wake up and get is priorities right to make Bengaluru a sustainable city,” he said.

Architect Najeeb Khan is of the opinion that the government should create enough facilities in villages to minimise migration.


Comments on this Article
Walter saldanha, Kemmannu Tue, May-24-2016, 10:20
Forget everything now.Let us have a road soon. Try hard and get it done.

That is all it matters the end result.

James Fernandes, Barkur Chicago Mon, May-23-2016, 6:20
Even sons-in-law just like the fish go stale within 3 days even at mavaade. I get it by the number od red disagree slots!
James Fernandes, Barkur Chicago Mon, May-23-2016, 4:11
I read in this article 6-8 months depending upon funds options etc. @ Walter.I did not mean 10 years to complete. Will happen happeningeee happening within a year or less. Let us keep talking, nudging, reminding without antagonizing the officials. The road is for all even the post/mail 🚹 man!! @Jossey. Credit goes to the voters and elected officials, and those who sacrifice the land and raise 💰 money and get the work done. Let me talk less thus not distract them from road work. Thanks folks.
Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai Mon, May-23-2016, 12:59
Thank you Walter Uncle but I would like to quote:


Walter saldanha, Kemmannu Mon, May-23-2016, 8:48
Hi Jossey and James

I appreciate Josseys efforts to get a road to LUCY Vonis house.It is high time she should get a road up to her house.I used to visit her but as I am seventy and a heart patient I am not able to visit her very often.She is the only Saldanha living there now.I hope a road will be built in near future,earlier the better.

When I was twenty I used to walk through Kemmannu bavikatte from my home now it is so congested,forget about driving through it is dangerous to walk. All efforts to cover the drain or widen the road has not materialised. Few to support thousands to object. Good luck Jossey.

Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai Sun, May-22-2016, 8:47
@Walter, We have full faith in our MLA Pramod Madhwaraj ...
James Fernandes, Barkur Chicago Sun, May-22-2016, 7:30
@Walter. You are generous with ten years. Some results take time. It takes 9 months to produce a healthy 🚼 baby. If you want within 3 months you get a premature and problem for your life time.

The planning, applications, 👍 approvals, contracts, materials, laying etc takes time.

Blessed are those who believe..

Belief and hope are still in genies container. Polish gently.

Walter saldanha, Kemmannu Sun, May-22-2016, 6:39
I am like dubavi Thomas. I drive on that road in ten years time then I believe
Maxim Saldanha, Padu Kudru/USA Sun, May-22-2016, 2:36
Hi Jossey,

Dear Brother this is all happened because your efforts,dedication and love towards my mother(Lucy Saldanha)

Thanks and God bless, see you soon.

Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai Sat, May-21-2016, 11:10
Madhava, try running Hi-Tech buses from Timankudru to Mumbai, you will more money than Pinto, Vishal, VRL ...
g madhava rao, Kemm/Beng Sat, May-21-2016, 9:53
Hi Jossey, I can start hi-tech buses not only from Kemmannu to Padukudru but Mangaluru to Padukudru, provided the land owners of both sides of road from Santhekatte to Padukudru via Kemm voluntarily donate their land to build 4-lane road with elevated footpath. Is anybody ready? A big question mark!!
Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai Fri, May-20-2016, 6:03
A casual remark has now stirred a revolution. This is called the power of Pen.

I once again thank for giving us a platform to voice our opinion and request all people in Kemmannu, Hoode, Bengre, Kallianpur, Malpe and Udupi to take advantage of this media because someone is Listening …

Maxim, kukude Fri, May-20-2016, 1:41
James, Roadways and Shanker vittal bus is waiting for you!
James Fernandes, Barkur Chicago Thu, May-19-2016, 10:40
I am old. Not allowed to drive because of stroke.

I would like to use these busses to do my own shopping, an ice cream cone at Diana, ⛪ church and temple or park, or seashore breeze, etc. Using these busses. Anna is thinking a head, progressive minded. I know Vincent is having fun!.

I want to be independent as much as possible as old people. I want to do window shopping in super markets. A 🎥 movie in the large screen theater.

I worked hard to send my children to middle east. Allow them to help me. My udder is not dry. Dont send me to slaughter house. Ambulance later on. Road and bus service to begin with. do you want me to slow down?

Vincent, Udupi Thu, May-19-2016, 9:43
@ Anna, Udupi: Bus Service!! First let them get the road for Ambulance Service.. These days all houses we can find only the aged people.
Anna, Udupi Thu, May-19-2016, 8:40

Good work Madam, God bless you.

Can you please try to make this road at least 17 feet wide, such that we will start city bus service from Kemmanu - Hanging bridge-Honnapakedru-Nidambally-Nejar-Santhakatte-Udupi line.

And also please save us from Sand Mining in this route.

James Fernandes, Barkur Chicago Thu, May-19-2016, 5:55
Nothing is impossible for Mangaloreans. I remember in the 50s how money was collected by going to each house during Parish Feast days, thus KMC was instituted. There was hardly any general support but they persisted and look at the manufacturing of physicians today and such great hospital. Jossy not only busses, there will be Jesuit universities, pharmaceutical manufacturing firms, seven star holiday resorts, enjoyinhg these serene river beds. More movies will be shot here. Retreat houses too. All this is possible because of this road! By the way actions are not without talk. Much talk. Thanks folks.
Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai Thu, May-19-2016, 5:13
Madhava, do you plan to start hi-tech A/c bus service from Kemmannu to Timankudru via Balgerukudru ...
G Madhava Rao, Kemm/Beng Thu, May-19-2016, 10:36
After reading some comments on this page I thought a 4-lane highway would be built to Padukudru from Kemmannu with hi-tech facilities.

One thing is sure: Indians are talking more and working less like our politicians!!

Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai Thu, May-19-2016, 4:53
Today I am in Seventh Heaven.

Thank you and a Big God Bless ...

James Fernandes, Barkur Chicago Thu, May-19-2016, 4:28
God works in ways mysterious.

Much is expected from those who are given more. Honor is not without responsibility.

When Morarjee Desai was railway minister every 100 mile distance was connected by rail lines in Gujarath. With this fact/challenge in mind George Fernandes played a part to put Konkan Railway lines as railway minister. Madam Cornelio here is your next feather in the seedling to 👑 crown you thus to help fellow Kemmanites using your influence, contacts, and social standing in the community. Start by doing what is necessary, and suddenly you will be doing what one may considers impossible.

Your initiative is acknowledged and fruition/completion is close at ✋ hand! Thank you in advance.

Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai Sun, May-15-2016, 7:47
Member, instead of giving running commentary you could have been Honest and Proactive in your job ...
Vincent, Udupi Fri, May-13-2016, 6:38
Congrats guys....great job...
Member, Padukudru Grama Fri, May-13-2016, 1:30
Thanks to Local Panchayat Member, Mrs. Veronica, Mr. Pramod, Mr. Madhava Rao and Mr. Jossy.

Because of you all there is a hope for the Road. Keep tracking the development.....

God Bless you all. Mera Bharath Mahan Hai...

Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai Thu, May-12-2016, 7:00
Today Lucy Aunty and her son met MLA Pramod Madhwaraj for the road.

He has approved the road in principal but final approval is from the Tashildar.

Thank you for your support and volunteering to give me some roadside property.

I would love to come back to Kemmannu but sadly my wife and kids will not agree.

Moral of the story ALL IS WELL THAT ENDS WELL …

James Fernandes, Barkur Chicago Tue, May-10-2016, 10:44
I told(ed) several times, " Baby has to scream to get its breast milk."
Member, Padukurdru Grama. Tue, May-10-2016, 2:21
Finally, there is a hope for Lucy Aunty to get a road..., Thanks to Jossy and Madhava Roa. Madhava Rao’s disclouser about his cousin a sitting congress panchyat member might prompted congress leaders to invite Jossy for a Solution. Great Moves from all sides, keep moving till the road work ends...Mera Bhrarath Mahan Hai.
Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai Tue, May-10-2016, 11:41
Today MLA Pramod Madhwaraj invited me to his office along with Lucy aunty to finalize the road.

Thank you and Praise the Lord ...

Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai Tue, May-10-2016, 8:00
Our Kemmannu Kumbhakarna’s are still Sleeping ...
Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai Sun, May-8-2016, 10:45
Madhava, I am a strong supporter of Congress but staying in Mangalore, I am conversant with Lobo, Ivan and Khader. I am surprised and embarrassed to know your cousin is a Congress panchayat board member in Kemmennu.

I am sure local MLA and local leaders will put their heads down in shame and immediately sort out this problem or else I will handle this matter in my style …

James Fernandes, Barkur Chicago Sun, May-8-2016, 10:14
Dialogue is a powerful tool in democracy. The journey is starting with the right first step.

Lets argue about naming the road only after it is completed with the help of civic elected compassionate authorities.

Thanks folks....

Madhava Rao p, padukudru,kemmannu Sun, May-8-2016, 8:55
Dear Jossy saldanha,

My cousin is a sitting tonse panchayath member,congress member follower of influential congress politician of kemmannu.

SO I suggest u to try through the proper channel.

James Fernandes, Barkur Chicago Sun, May-8-2016, 7:51
For the Creator of all things, laying the road will not be a challenge. Right God?
Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai Sun, May-8-2016, 5:26
Vincent, Thanks for your concern. I sold my Kemmannu property only after my uncle chased my car menacingly with a crowbar. I immediately shifted to Kulai, where I have a three bed sea facing flat at Raheja Waterfront, Kulai, Mangalore.

I have done a lot of good work in Kemmannu but my only concern is Mrs. Lucy Saldanha who is like my mother and in her old age she requires road for medical attention.

Madhava I will consider you as my good friend if you can convince your cousin and ask him to give road permission on humanitarian grounds …

Vincent, Udupi Sun, May-8-2016, 1:52
Kemmanities need to offer some roadside land to Jossy and if he comes back he can be asked to spend for local causes....
P Madhava Rao, Padukudru,Kemmannu Sun, May-8-2016, 12:53
Dear Jossey Saldanha,usually I don’t hurt anybody.I don’t have any personal grudge against you.Then regarding educational background I and my 2 sons are equally qualified like your family(I.T)I AM OBJECTING ONLY YOUR BLIND SUPPORT OF PARTICULAR POLITICAL PARTY.

I am a regular follower reporter of kmn .com. Your comments are irritating. You are the only person passing comments in Modi or Ediyurappa are not my uncles.

But even if somebody commits suicide or does rape you are passing it in BJP. IT IS JUST IRRITATING.Ok.BE FRIENDS.

Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai Sat, May-7-2016, 10:47
Madhava, I can understand your anguish because you typed your name as P. Mdhava Rao.

Can you deny you wrote "@JS, uneducated People of padukudru have left that place”

I humbly request you convince your cousin about the importance of roads in Development.

We have excelled because we have gone beyond Kemmannu in search of success.

I do now wish to embarrass you further but never underestimate. with Thank you, James ...

P. Mdhava Rao, Padukudru, Kemmannu Sat, May-7-2016, 9:16
@JS, I am having control over my langauge.Just I have repeated the words written by you,"ie:some uneducated lord falkland". I never called you uneducated till now. But in political knowledge you are illiterate like all OTHER supporters of YUVARAJA.
James Fernandes, Barkur Chicago Sat, May-7-2016, 8:44
Yes Maxim. You guys can fly before learning to walk or run. May be it is time for me to return to my nest.
maxim, kukude Sat, May-7-2016, 7:16
Donot question the credibility of other persons identity
Maxim, Kukude Sat, May-7-2016, 7:11
James, Cobra is extinct species. we have a dedicated helipad and air-ambulance in kukude.
Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai Sat, May-7-2016, 5:18
Madhava, Since you have called me uneducated, I am B.Com, PGDMS, IT Entrepreneur with Global Credentials.

My two daughters are BE, MS(USA) and one is already a VP in the American IT Industry.

Now tell me who is uneducated. Kindly think a thousand times before you write on a open platform.

James Fernandes, Barkur/Chicago Sat, May-7-2016, 12:56
What happens if a cobra bites, or stroke or heart attack occurs? Can these patients be driven to KMC by a fast ambulance? Or God forbid, by the time an ambulance reaches, they might as well send a hearse because of lack of a drivable road, or too many potholes caused by rains and floods? Just asking Aste.

There is no progress without, money, labour, advise, or discussion...

Kemmanite, Kemmannu Fri, May-6-2016, 11:29
Thanks to those who donated land for road. After Indias indepdndant people longed to have rare view of a single vehicle on the road. With sheer joy they welcomed vehicles at their village and when the news was there a bus will come to village people flocked saying ಎಂಕ್ಲೆನ ಉರುಗ್ ಬಸ್ಸ ಬಯ್ದಂಡು! ನಮ ತೊಟೊಡ್ ರಸ್ತೆ ಆಪುಂಡ್... People go out of Kemmannu because they where heart broken by neighbours for not giving even pedestrian way in Kambla thota Padukudru or even any where because the land value is high more of all conflicts and ego eats up the peace in the nighbourhood so the lane behind the church ONI. ಒಲ್ಕುದ ಒಣಿ ಬಾರಿ ಸಪುರ
Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai Fri, May-6-2016, 8:56
Madhava, first ask S. Masters son why is he blocking permission for road and then B. Saldanha.

I hope all our Politicians are still awake ...

Madhava Rao p, Padukudru(kemmannu) Fri, May-6-2016, 1:03
@JS,uneducated People of padukudru have left that place not out of sheer disgust but to earn in gulf countries leaving their family here.Then regarding road permission we have sacrificed more than 40 cents of land in padukudru without taking a single paisa.(I can give S.No wise details which I have given to tonse panchayath.) .On the contrary I wl challenge you to make survey from Santhekatte to hoode to find out which religious institution which educational institution,has constructed compound wall by encroaching road,and also to find out the name of the individuals who have built their compound walls by encroaching public road.If you are sincere I swear you wl never comment after making that survey.
Prakash, Mumbai malad Wed, May-4-2016, 10:33
According to survey and census only 5% population of kannadigas in Bengaluru rest 95 % from outer states (space aliens) dominate they nominate and elect local admin such as corporator in every Ward, some day Karnataka vidhan saudha will be vibaga saudha of multi lingual.
James Fernandes, Barkur/Chicago Wed, May-4-2016, 9:42
Road connects to the world and prosperity.

Does your house connected to a road?

Just because Jesus walked, it does not mean, we cant use a bike, Car, Boat or plane.. We have to adapt......that.

Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai Wed, May-4-2016, 9:07
I sincerely request all our Kemmannu readers to give their honest opinion on James remarks ...
Maxim, Kukude Wed, May-4-2016, 9:07
When Mother nature goes crazy. It will be disaster. I am going to Mars with Musk or Bezos
James Fernandes, Barkur Chicago Wed, May-4-2016, 5:48
When river Sarasawathi was drying our ancestors leearned to catch oxygen deprived fish and ate and finally moved out. Such Landlords grand children when they miss Masthi competitions because of lack of roads, then they will convince their 17 century elders. Jesus walked everywhere. He never did ❤ heart transplant but cured people without going to KMC. Change is progress. Laugh baba laugh.
Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai Wed, May-4-2016, 6:04
James, people abandon property out of sheer disgust because some uneducated Lord Falkland (Paducudru) still think they are Kings and refuse to give road permission. Government of Karnataka is also wearing Bangles …
James Fernandes, Barkur Chicago Tue, May-3-2016, 9:39
Somebody has to replace the Mangaloreans who abandoned their .....
Peter Lewis, Kalmady/k s a Tue, May-3-2016, 8:40
Not only Bangalore whole karnataka is filled with the people of north Indians flooding here made our living hell.
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