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Incredible India - Narilatha - the flowers in shape of a woman

Dr. Pallab Kanti Nath / Nina Rai

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It is said that Narilatha flower plants grow in the Himalayan region in India and they bloom at 20-year intervals. The trance of hermits is said to be shattered at the sight of these flowers which are in the shape of women .This flower was in the shape of a naked woman, and said to be as a rare flower.

It is called the Narilatha flower, which when translated in Hindi means flower in the shape of a lady. It is also called the Liyathabara Mala in local Sri Lankan dialect. The tree is also said to be found in Thailand where it is allegedly called "Nareepol."

The Narilatha flowering plant is said to grow in the hilly slopes of Himalayas in India and is understood to bloom once in two decades only; in other words it blossoms into a lady like flower after a 20-year interval.

It is believed that in times of yore the concentration of hermits and sages doing deep meditation would be shattered at the sight of these lady-shaped flowers.

The Narilatha or Liyathambara flowers said to be in the shape of a women are considered one of the most wonderful and rarest of flowers in the world.

But is it really true???? Who captured or made this? Looks to be some photo shop or even a photo editing trick?

Meanwhile a few facts have been found about ‘Naarilatha.’ It is an orchid belonging to the family Orchidaceae and comes under the Genara of Habenaria.

All Habenaria species are terrestial orchids with tubers. Around ten Habenaria species have been found in Sri Lanka out of which 5 are endemic to the island.

If any of the readers here know anything about this plant Narilatha, you are welcome to post a comment here.


Comments on this Article
olga, Goa Mon, April-21-2014, 12:20
Its fake
Ojas sharma, Ajmer, Rajasthan Sat, April-19-2014, 9:51
इस अदबुध कला को देखने के लिए हिमालय जाना जरुरी है.. और अगर हम विज्ञानं पे जीते हैं तो भी इस पेड़ की खोज करना हमारे लिए एक अलग अनुभव होगा... This is India... Everything can be posible in our India...
Probin, Andaman Sat, April-19-2014, 8:00
Mujhe a fake lagta hai q ki jab isko front view pe dekhte hai to dono haat samne bandha hua lagta hai. but side view pe dekhe to dono haat khula lagta hai. ek hi ful do taraha ki nahi ho sakta hai..
ShaikhDil, Tamilnadu Wed, April-16-2014, 4:18
No; absolutely this is a fake Image;
akashkumar sonawne, maharashtra, aurangabad in india Fri, April-11-2014, 3:42
kharch vishav nahi bast aaha goshtinvar pan neture is very gret yar god gift is earth life...
abdul, tamil nadu Wed, April-9-2014, 6:29
its fully scam..... u don have wisdom to conclude which one is true and which is fake...?? see this pictures,mostly these two images only found all over the internet. Human structure is very beautiful structure so other than human specious no specious ll get that shape.... do u remember some years back peoples are believe that "sea maiden"(top portion women and bottom Fish) nw science proved that is fully fake imagination. like wise this is fully scam....these are photoshopic photos to fool you... open your eyes and being fooled..... In india only peoples being dunce,fools even completed their graduation.... so awful........!!
Ramesh Sanoria, Delhi Tue, April-8-2014, 3:31
Might be possible it would be 1000 or more years ago but i never been listen or study in books. so may be its a totally imagination of our mind....
ravi, meerut Wed, April-2-2014, 3:13
I think that tree might be in past now a days this trees generation are end.
ravi, solapur Mon, March-31-2014, 3:17
Being student and teacher in botany i never crossed this plant before this. Infact it is not present on the earth. The photoes are fake. In binomial nomenclature this plant having such flowers is not recorded in any flora. So dont believe this. Mainly it looks like tree not an orchid
Soumen, INDIA Mon, March-24-2014, 4:21
mind blowing. Soumen INDIA
jayantl, daman ut of daman Sun, March-23-2014, 3:59
i thru bat i newar this falawar is tree huw is yas ya no.
Sukhvinder, Barnala,Punjab,India Sun, March-16-2014, 10:55
after seeing this pix i had to believed it..its amazing, and true
mayur lohiha, akola Fri, March-14-2014, 2:21
It is true or false I want to know but personaly. I think is not true so anyone know more about it tell me
fayaz, srinagar j Fri, March-14-2014, 12:51
I think it is totally fake,nice engineering created.
Prakash, Mysore Thu, March-13-2014, 11:20
I dont understand author says it sin Himalayas and Thailand also mentions Srilanka. Second in any plant the flowers are similar, but here some are diff, like covering the part, side st hands ect. Its fake I feel.
SURESH GUPTA, DELHI Thu, March-13-2014, 3:50
Its totally fake never seen in India it is creation
Ravi Kumar, Muscat Thu, March-13-2014, 12:12
The point is author says that the Narilatha flower plants grow in the Himalayan region in India and they bloom at 20-year intervals. If so, pictures may be fake and for illustration purpose and the story may be true, never know?? till they bloom again??
Harry, Bangalore Wed, March-12-2014, 4:02
These kinda naked female shaped flowers are available in Bangalore also (Mantri mall Lakshmi gift shop) they are made up of hard plastic and sometimes of this story is totally fake
Gururaj Kulkarni, Karnataka Wed, March-12-2014, 1:20
It is a fake for sure..but one Dr Rajesh Ojja has commented that he has seen it...he would have told the location??but he has not mentioned...why nobody else has seen it??the reseachers could have done the culture in the lab to see if its true??..this is just a trick to fool the public...and the best part is it is in put up things which are real!!!
arti, ahmedabad Wed, March-12-2014, 12:43
when i heard about dis i was in lovely u dont think its real...all flower looks so similiar which is impossible....
Manju Naveen, India Tue, March-11-2014, 8:44
The Nariphon (นารีผล), also known as Makaliphon or Makaliporn (from Pali makkaliphala, Thai: มักกะลีผล, RTGS: Makkaliphon) is a tree in Buddhist mythology which bears fruit in the shape of young female creatures. The maidens grow attached by their head from the tree branches.[1] This tree grows at the Himaphan, a mythical forest where the female fruits are enjoyed by the Gandharvas who cut the fruits and take them away.[2] The Nariphon is also mentioned in the Vessantara Jataka in which Indra placed these trees around the grove where the Bodhisattva Vessantara meditated.
Goarasa, Prathipadu andhrapradesh Tue, March-11-2014, 2:00
Its fake.
Shriram M. Bhuskute, Nagpur/Amgaon Dist Gondia (M.S.) India Mon, March-10-2014, 9:46
I have not come across any reference of such plant is existing on the earth. This is totally constructed using software techniques.
SNeha, DELHI Mon, March-10-2014, 8:36
may be may not but i think its fake ..... i have heard it for d first tym if it has been true it wud have been a gr8er newzz for all and wud have been more popular no ?
Ajit Ahuja, delhi Mon, March-10-2014, 11:38
It is fake.These are plastic molded dolls hanged by threads of fiber and designed cloths covering.There should have been a difference in shapes and sizes of flowers.All the flowers seem to have blossomed at the same time with perfect barbie shapes.Somebody has created these for adult or porn movie.
sneha, ranchi Sun, March-9-2014, 10:25
Fake picture...
Dr.N.Subrahmanyam, Hyderabad Sun, March-9-2014, 7:25
I have done my doctoral work on some epiphytic orchids.I am amused to notice how one track the male mind is when it comes to a womans body. Flora of different regions as we know are well documented by British naturalists.I have not come across any orchid of this kind so far.If ever there was any such plant an orchid or otherwise it would have been given a botanical name which largely are Latin names.So to my perception the digital technology created something to titillate the male mind and several probably believe it.
Ashish Panchori, Ahmedabad, India Fri, March-7-2014, 3:41
I dont think it rs true bcoz there no other pics uploaded only 2-3 pics are available n also there is find some errors like hand position are different, so its difficult to believe that its true......
Dr. T K Pramanik, Asansol (WB) India Wed, February-26-2014, 11:49
It is totally a fake picture so far I think, since I crossed 30 years teaching experience in Botany.It never looks like a flower rather seems to be fruit. Moreover if it belongs to Orchid family, how it could be a tree ?
rashmi, bangaloree Wed, February-26-2014, 11:25
dont tell the exact place it will be destroyed by some idiot people very soon
Dr.Rakesh ojjha, almora Mon, February-24-2014, 11:04
...yes ,I have seen this plant during one of my shooting schedule ,which was about rare plants and species ,in india ...though this was an chance discovery of this medium sized tree,but we could not shoot this as our batteries had dried up by that time... ...though we planned to come back next day but could not make it due to extreme weather conditions
nisathvarma, pollachi Thu, January-23-2014, 4:34
it is impossibel where is the tree located
Ujjwal, Mumbai Tue, December-10-2013, 12:45
In the pic, at some places the stem is attached to the flower from head ... at other places at back. The front facing flowers have thier hands covering the provate parts. Few side facing flowers have thier hand side ways. Enough reasons not to believe it.
annette, austria Fri, November-22-2013, 9:09
i have heard about this flower, long time ago but did not see it..after seeing this pix i had to believed it..its amazing, and true
Dilip Kolhatkar, Akola , maharashtra Wed, November-13-2013, 11:17
It seems that some one is fooling the entire reader community. If this plant is genuine let us know the exact location in Himalayas. If it is true I will visit in person with some keen botanists and will verify the truth of the same. Let us know the exact location of these plants/trees.
alicia, Santiago Chile Sun, November-3-2013, 7:52
NO creo absolutamente nada respecto a la planta...puede fácilmente ser un truco....
ashu, tamilnadu Sun, August-18-2013, 12:56
totally fake.if it is true then why it is not published in medias please avoid this type of notice
Pramila, Mumbai Thu, August-8-2013, 10:48
There is no reader or person has confirmed or posted new pictures after this pictures on the internet.... If this is not true then the person who created this story should be made accountable....
ramashray, doharighat . mau (u.p) Sat, July-20-2013, 9:18
if this is true then nature is so great
A.K. Gautam, Lucknow Tue, July-16-2013, 1:26
Totally fake or hoax mail...An interesting fact in this mail is, if you see all three pictures available, the flowers of this plant have two different hand’s position. One for modern society and another for orthodox society..How bizzare!!!!
Mario DE JESUS, East Timor Sat, October-20-2012, 4:36
Narilatha is may culture name Rei de Nari in East Timor
S R Choudhuri, Moradabad Sat, July-7-2012, 1:22
It is totally noncense. The photos are cunningly engineered. Had it been true, the botanists would have known and made the whole world aware about this plants. It would have been a tourist attraction. Of course, the offender for making money only has driven his brain for this nasty idea.For misleading he/she should be jailed.
Kissmath, Kashmirsthan Tue, May-15-2012, 1:12
Hanging Barbie Dolls without costumes? Brilliant!
mulayam, basti Mon, May-14-2012, 5:57
kismet se dekhne ko milta hai
Mulaym, basti Mon, May-14-2012, 5:54
is flower ko dekhne ke lye kismat honi chahiye
ken, philippines Wed, February-8-2012, 9:52
fake. not the real Narilatha flower plants. google it.
mer, PH Sat, February-4-2012, 3:43
if it is a should have the parts right (calyx, corolla, stamen, pistil) and the like...i seemed to me that some of those so called flowers are half (only the legs), as what i have red, a flower bud(under developed) has all the undeveloped parts, they just grow/elongate/extend but this picture shows that it was like in the sci-fi movies..haha.. some of it have their hand crossed while others on the side...some were parallel to each other while others overlaps...the inconsistency of the shapes are remarkable since flowers of the same tree/plant should have the same shape..another fail in on the legs...
olalekan, lagosian,Nigerian Fri, February-3-2012, 12:17
una dey eat them?
ANAND GURUNG, NAGALAND Wed, February-1-2012, 1:47
i never new about this plant but its really very wonderfull and terrific....anyway if its a creation of almighty.we must accept it.
ville, zambosur Tue, January-31-2012, 11:17
it is impossible i think they can be prove if all the photos are same like the Steam of tree and all parts of the whole tree so that they we know all the details of your photos take also other photos to prove that the flower is growing and what part of the flower start to shape like women
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