Rough Sea, Dead Dolphin and Fishing at Kadike Beach, Kemmannu.

Thomas Dsouza
Kemmannu News Network, 20-07-2011 14:15:33

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Kemmannu and its surroundings have many beautiful beaches like Bengre, Hoode, Gujjerbettu, Kadike and Malpe to name a few. People throng to these beaches in summer and enjoy the cool breeze, swimming and some just the beauty of the Arabian Sea.

In the rainy season especially due to the heavy downpour of the last week all the beaches wore a deserted look this week. A stroll in the beach during the rainy season always springs up a few surprises. On Sunday last one could witness stormy huge waves, rough sea and a large dead Dolphin and big Hamour fish on Kadike beach. Stray dogs were trying to make a meal out of the dead creature.

There is ban on motorized fishing during the rainy season. Fishing could be done using the small country boats in this period. Last week’s weather even stopped country boats venturing into the sea. Some fishermen tried to catch a handful of fish by laying small nets. It is a high risk job as a small mistake can cost them their life. For onlookers it is joy to see this act. Rain or shine life moves on. With a few stomachs to feed it is a risk worth to take.



















































Comments on this Article
James Fernandes, Barkur/Chicago Sun, July-24-2011, 3:29
Yes, Jossey, I can see his neck gold chain and probably a water proof wrist watch or wrist band, and well nourished strong physique, a requirement for his profession. Hope he wont wear this chain in Bombay trains. Later in the picture a boy in pants pulling the other end of the net, without getting wet, wearing chappals, with a body language saying What am I doing here.Thank God, eating fish is not banned! Yes, I do agree India is Shining. However, still, poor people flock to cities like Bombay, to get drenched in rain caused flooded roads, or perhaps to partake a spoonful of or trickled down prosperity. Happy to know that you are sharing by hiring at your IT enterprise! Good Luck.
Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai / Mapusa Sun, July-24-2011, 11:57
Thomas, your article and pictures were awesome. The responses were excellent and a few soul searching. Do we Indians back home have a serious mentality problem? Maybe yes. I am sure this guy must be a highly talented professional like MBA / M Tech / MS working as CEO / CFO / MD. James, I sympathize and appreciate your honesty and the dog story moved me. I have also worked globally and gone thru the same problems but I have never ever removed my frustrations on Indians. I am back in India and I run a small IT establishment with pride and dignity. I request you to look at the fisherman in the second picture which speaks volumes about our vibrant and resurgent India. You guys are still welcome back to be a part of India’s GLOBAL SUCCESS STORY. God Bless!!!!!!
Thomas D’Souza, Kemmannu Sat, July-23-2011, 7:54
Thanks guy’s, my innocuous article, which is supposed to be a beauty of obsevering the nature has drawn the best of comments. Specially James Fernandes from Chicago. I have always admired your comments and the concern you have shown towards our ‘Amchi Mathi Amchi Mansya’. I always believe that the comments always encourage the reporter and stimulates a healthy debate between the viewers and should not be taken as a personal comment. Thanks Jossey, you are always a keen observer. Oswin for your views. Ramdas Pai for raising a valid point. Special thanks to our editor who is so accommodating. Guy’s this website is our baby let us all contribute to grow healthy and hale.
James Fernandes, Barkur/Chicago Sat, July-23-2011, 1:55
Thanks Oswin: We have heard the expression, "Neighbour’s yard is greener." I went on my neighbour’s lawn and saw mine, and found my yard is far greener! Yes, folks, Kemmannu is beautiful!
Oswin, Dubai Sat, July-23-2011, 12:56
Dear Mr. James, Nice narration, but who willl understand how the people are suffering here in these foreign countries. It’s difficult to understand the mentalitiy of these people back home. Its a waste of time making them to understand.
James Fernandes, Barkur/Chicago Sat, July-23-2011, 11:42
The Dog That Went Abroad: (Panchatantra.) In a certain place there once lived a dog by the name of Tschitranga, which means "having a spotted body." A famine set in. Because they had no food, the dogs and other animals began to leave their families. Tschitranga, who was emaciated with hunger, was driven by fear to another country. There in a city he went to a certain house day after day where, due to the carelessness of the housekeeper, many good things to eat were left lying about, and he ate his fill. However, upon leaving the house, other vicious dogs attacked him. Then he reconsidered his situation, and said, "It is better at home. Even during a famine you can live there in peace, and no one bites you to pieces. I will return to my own city." When he returned, all of his relatives asked him, "Tschitranga, tell us about where you have been. What is the country like? How do the people behave? What do they eat? What do they do?" He answered, "How can I explain to you the beauty of a foreign place? There are good things to eat in great variety, and housekeepers who do not keep watch! There is only one evil in a foreign country: You will be hated there because of who you are!
Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai / Mapusa Sat, July-23-2011, 4:17
Hey guys, I was observing your comments and I am pained when people despise India after leaving its shores. Just remember it was India which bought you up to a level where you were capable enough to find a lucrative job overseas. Agreed Indian Culture Mindset and Standards are way behind the West but we are now catching up. We all believe - Hum honge kaamyaab ek din, mann main hai vishwas, poora hai vishwas, hum honge kaamyaab ek din.
Sadanada, Mumbai Fri, July-22-2011, 9:09
James we have to talk about the environment politicians and the people in social awareness feed back. The priests, missionaries and nuns pray and work for the society they have done many wonderful deeds in our land their role in giving education since 17th century for the South India is magnificent gift. Look interior Karnataka there are neither schools nor the literate. I think people in Kemmannu are conscious about their environment heard they work hard to stop illegal sand mining, garbage dumping in river swarna and in the water well near the fish market, using beach as their natures call discharging toilet sewage in river is rampnt?
Sunil, Santhekatte Thu, July-21-2011, 4:16
Mr. James feed backs and dollars are most welcome
James Fernandes, Barkur/Chicago Wed, July-20-2011, 8:01
in continuum: Living in a foreign country with high standard of living, But folks, believe me, I do wish the same standard of living to everyone, in the world. Its nearly possible if only we could overcome all that this "name withheld person" has ventured to spit out in his/her comments, like nepotism, bribery, greed etc. Once, I sent $400.00 to a priest in South Canara. The priest did not cash the check saying , almost like this, The questions to answer while/after cashing your (foreign) check, is more painful, time consuming, and not worth your dollars, I asked him to add it to his garbage or pollution. Folks: By standing up to our own rights, God created us all equal, its possible to gain our Food, shelter, and clothing. There is difference between, Pray, Pay, and Obey versus, Pray, share the bills, and Let Us be Equal, as created by God !!!! I too have to struggle for my next meal, I get the burnt smell of my imported Bangda on the pan, as the Rampanni excess bangadas left rotting/drying in Bengre beach!
James Fernandes, Barkur/Chicago Wed, July-20-2011, 7:50
S.N. India starts his/her comment Dear James our Kemmannu is beautiful. The last sentence of the same persons comment, Our people use open toilets on the beach Swatcha Graama Andolana you walk up these beaches stamp shit! which of course is a contradiction. There is dirt in every house, especially under the rug. Who cares? Why expose? Sorry, not all have rugs! Actually, my dear name withheld person the environment/pollution topic was initiated by Ramdas Pai,:dolphin may have had addiction of the eating that stuff we call environment pollution and a gift of cancer. The local panchayat members must have taken this rare species of Dolphin fish to forensic lab in Manipal for test, instead why did they feed their dogs on decomposed meat? I was defending Mr. Thomas, saying that he is reporting what he saw. No one fed the dogs, the dogs went to feed themselves. Just as ever since I stopped hanging on my mothers nipples, I have fed myself, on my own, much like those dogs, crows, or Catfish!!! Anyway, I proved once again that we need two hands to clap! Oh, yes, by the way, yes, I am in a foreign country, as the name withheld person says, (No, he did not name me!,contd..
Name with held, On Request Wed, July-20-2011, 6:36
Living in a foreign country with high standard of living sometimes makes us to think like foreigners and talk more about environment, forensic tests and autopsy, whereas majority of the Indians are worried more about their next meal and their favorite glass of drink in the evening. I am sure if the Dolphin was washed ashore half dead, it would have ended up being killed and sold in the local market. Average poor and middle class Indians are fed up with the drama of corruption, Nepotism, Redtapsim and other such evils played at the top of the political ladder. Ministers dole of figures and statistics of crores and crores of rupees just to confuse the gullible voters but in fact even a fraction of the promised amount does not reach the needy people. Lower level peoples representatives like Panchayat members have become the favorite whipping boys of the general public for non performance. Jilla Panchayat and Taluk Panchayat bodies, once the source of government aid and development have almost become defunct due to lack of governments financial support. Panchayat system of local governance is struggling to survive and there are everyday stories in news papers about the inadequacies of several Panchayats. Very few rich people care for the society, which contributes so much for their prosperity. They prefer to live in their ‘Antillas’ and ‘Sangrillas’ and probably wear masks to avoid the stench of Joppdapattis around their nests. Ratan Tata himself recently rued about rich people not contributing much towards the betterment of the society and said “I am an industrialist and the Ambanis are businessmen”. Environment concerns are really appreciated. It is imperative that the have’s of mind and might contribute towards building our country one of the best in the world as it once was.
James Fernandes, Barkur/Chicago Wed, July-20-2011, 2:13
There is plenty of floating non-soluble garbage in the oceans. As mentioned by Ramdas Pai, Ocean fish eat such plastics and die eventually! "The Eastern Garbage Patch floats between Hawaii and California; scientists estimate its size as two times bigger than Texas [source: LA Times]". Better toilets are being proposed by Bill: "Gates Foundation: We need to reinvent the toilet By John D. Sutter, CNN July 19, 2011 4:05 p.m. EDT | Filed under: Innovation" I pity the tasty mouth watering catfish, how will they survive? What will they eat?
S. N., India Wed, July-20-2011, 9:55
Dear James our Kemmannu is beautiful. The people here surely will understand you. Its good to hear you are in Chicago and you may be well aware about the Leader Jake Williams Presents the Thorndale Ave Beach Clean Up, Series, Sunday, July 31 (This for your info only) This is the recent call for Community members: from Edgewater and surrounding North Side neighbourhoods to assist in beach cleanup and data collection at Thorndale Ave. Beach. Teams of two or three will record and remove litter, take water samples, or measure general beach conditions (i.e. number of people, number of gulls, weather conditions, etc.). It is wise to know why this Dolphin of extinct species died. The Indian dept for the protection of endangered species will examine if someone had informed them. Kemmannu beach is also a similar to this one of Lake Michigans beaches, we Kemmanites are very much proud about what Mr Thomas highlights it is the responsibility of Kemmannu panchayat members to solve every environmental issue such as dead creatures that wash up the beach and spread diseases. Or people use open toilets on the beach Swatcha Graama Andolana you walk up these beaches stamp shit!
James Fernandes, Barkur/Chicago Tue, July-19-2011, 5:33
Mr. Ramdas Pai: I do admire your concern on pollution, one that demands everyones attention. If a carcass of that size is found on a beach, I am not aware of any one performing a necropsy, or finding a reasonable cause of death, If so, ..........who, where? There was a time humans used to eat the dead Dolphin, well now the stray dogs! Thomas reported what he observed, unfortunately, he cannot afford to take that huge carcass to a Pathology lab, he cannot afford the expenses, nor is he obligated. He is reporting and awakening awareness, which made you and me and others to react!. If there are no waves in the ocean, human species is sure to die!!!!! It bothers us to see a Dolphin die, but does it bother us when thousands of children die due to AIDs, malnutrition, neglect, improper medical attention, ,... No don t bother to reply!!
B.M.ZAFFER, thonse, Dubai UAE Tue, July-19-2011, 5:23
Being a kemmanite we look every day news around Thonse on our favorite website My friend Mr. Thomas , Mr. Richard, Mr. Vivek team doing their best . We expect more local news as we totally depend on you for latest upto date of around Thonse. I agree with Mr. Ramadas pai Kemmannu. We must do something to protect our environment so that the next generation be live with happy at Thonse. We must support the leaders who really care for the welfare of society who may belongs to any political parties or religious background. May God bless all of us.
Ramdas Pai, Kemmannu Tue, July-19-2011, 11:14
According to one mechanised trawler boat crew from Hude told me year ago many large fish species that caught in the net in deep sea have some kind of plastic objects undigested in their intestine. This is due to large scale of plastic dumped in rivers is taken into the sea by current. Environment is major issue once chocolates only sold with attractive colourful plastic wraps now Panparag Gutka and all type of tobacco made available in beautiful wrappings that attracts human’s kids. The fish is no exception not as intelligent as humans you see the intelligent of all mammals dolphin may have had addiction of the eating that stuff we call environment pollution and a gift of cancer. The local panchayat members must have taken this rare species of Dolphin fish to forensic lab in Manipal for test, instead why did they feed their dogs on decomposed meat? Thanks Thomas and please spread the awareness of pollution and its impact on all creatures of this planet earth. We all must fight this menace of pollution for our childrens sake now or never will we get a chance to do it.
I Dsouza, M lore /Kuwait Tue, July-19-2011, 7:53
Ladies fish cat fish looks very awesome mouthwatering. Hot hot curry with hot hot rice in rainy season goes good . Thanks for uploading photos.
Oswin, Dubai Tue, July-19-2011, 7:46
Nice information with pictures, but I am not comfortable with the last picture editor should have avoided publishing this particular picture.
Herman D souza, Bahrain Tue, July-19-2011, 7:18
Dear Thomas uncle, keep ready the Gas Light for fishing in the sea. So much fish in sea in river nothing. Nice pictures.
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