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Prashant, Perdoor, Udupi
29/03/2012 09:41:38

May his soul rest in peace. Its really unfortunate what happened. But didn’t he have any children to look after?

Anyways, no one is responsible for this since, he stayed there for 2 decades alone.

Joselyn, Kemmannu
29/03/2012 08:37:25

Dear Archie,Dencil and Joyce

Kindly accept our heartfelt condolences on the sad demise of your respected father. May his soul rest in peace.

Joselyn Robert Lewis

Joselyn, Kemmannu
29/03/2012 08:11:28

Dear Archie,Dencil and Joyce

Kindly accept our heartfelt condolences on the sad demise of your respected father. May his soul rest in peace.

Joselyn Robert Lewis

29/03/2012 06:13:28

Dear Archy, Nirmala and all family members, please accept our heartfelt condolences on the sad demise of Uncle Ignatius. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

Kenneth Saldanha, Kemmannu / Dubai
29/03/2012 05:40:51

Dear Archy Family,
Please accept our heartfelt condolences on the sad demise of your father. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

Agnel, kemman/ Mumbai
29/03/2012 05:21:47

Dear Archy and all family members, kindly accept our heartfelt condolences on the sad demise of uncle. May his soul rest in peace.

Denzil, John, Deon, Doha, Qatar
29/03/2012 05:21:22

Dear Aunty, Archi, Dencil, Joyce and all family members,
Kindly accept our heartfelt sympathies on the demise of your beloved husband/father. We shall pray to the Almighty to grant all of you, the strength and courage to bear this irreparable loss of your loved one. May his soul Rest in Peace.

Sunitha/Pradeep Farias, Kallianpur/melbourne
29/03/2012 04:11:23

Dear Archie and family, Please accept our heartfelt condolences on passing away of your father.

Violet Andrade, Kemmannu/Udupi/Mumbai/Abu Dhabi
29/03/2012 03:22:17

Dear Aunty,Dencil fly, Archy fly, Joyce fly, please accept our heartfelt condolences.

Richard D’Souza, Secretary Catholic Sabha Udupi Pranth, Kallianpur
29/03/2012 02:12:15

Please accept our heartfelt condolences to family members of Uncle. May his soul rest in peace for ever.

Jason F Andrade, *
29/03/2012 02:08:05

Dear Family Members and Archie ,

Please Accept our Heartleft Condolences. May His Soul rest in eternal Peace

Rudolf, Kallianpur
29/03/2012 01:30:26

Was shocked to see this unfortunate incident that took place in our home town! First of all thanks richard and kemmannu.com for the coverage.

This incident shouldn’t have occurred in our society and i when through the comment of Mr L.D Kakunje i agree with him but at the end of the day its each one’s responsibility to know about the elderly people in our society.

It’s very awkward to see Mr L.D kakunje scribbling as if he is comparing Milagres with Mount Rosary. According to him only Mount Rosarians in Kallianpur do conduct SCS meetings in the diocese.!!!!! its better if any of his fellow Mount Rosarian help him before all the chemicals in his brain get drained out!!

The pictures clearly show the condition of the person!! Why couldn’t Mr L D kakunje try to visit his home?? Isn’t it the responsibility of his even???? After all i guess this house is located near the high way and people from kakunje like L.D. will surely pass through this road!! My question is why didn’t you try to stop out and visit this old man?? where on earth are the family members of this old man??? If not children where are his bro’s and sis’s?? dead??

Sunitha/Pradeep Farias, Kallianpur/melbourne
28/03/2012 23:07:27

Dear Archie and family,

Please accept our heartfelt condolences on passing away of your father.

Arvin Quadros & fly, KAMBLATHOTA
28/03/2012 19:32:13

Dear Archy & family members please accept our heartfelt condolences. May His soul rest in peace.

winny and fly, nejar
28/03/2012 18:34:05

Dear cicil bai,Dencil,Joyce and all the fly members accept our heartfelt condolences for uncle sudden death.May his soul rest in peace.

Alex, Ophelia and Asher Lewis, Kallianpur
28/03/2012 17:48:18

Dear Aunty, Archy and all family members, please accept our heartfelt condolences on the sad demise of Uncle Ignatius. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

Prakash S, Udupi
28/03/2012 17:14:43

Dear investigators. If there is any musical concert held in Udupi St Marys Island that’s great news. and drugs used here I am sure the drugs didn’t come from abroad. We know government of India customs are strict and nothing can be brought through the airports. Here the conclusion can be home grown drugs and we need to act to eradicate the home grown substance. If the foreigners dance let them dance we in India too have many folklore dances since our heritage depicts dance one can view erotic carvings in almost all the temples in India, most particularly those of Khajuraho and Konark; clearly indicates that every human being is amorous and deeply fascinated by sexual desire. Most of the other religious people raise questions in this matter, and doubted the need for these erotic sculptures in the temples?
St Marys not a place of worship either so why the grumble? Organisers may not be aware about this so next spring Zoom will be under the scanner and there will be police security to search and frisk away those who possess drugs. Dance is welcome but not the drugs, stop drugs before sold to foreigners or any Indians.

Mr L. D., Kukkunje
28/03/2012 16:41:43

Under the orders of our diocese in Mangalore has advised all parish communities to have a Lahn Christi Samudai s “Jamhat” meetings in every ward. The Mount Rosarians in Kallianpur do conduct these meetings and keep visiting or calling elderly members of their parish. This helps to keep track of elder’s health and livelihood. If this person belongs to Milagres then this would have been the responsibility of his ward where he belongs.
Old aged home is the place where our elders negligibly left behind.
May his soul rest in peace. It is very sad to see the portraits hanged on the wall which may be of his childhood or his wedding?
Who knows ones fate? Unless taken care by own children. Do we need more old aged homes than our own old people?

Jossey Saldanha, Mangalore/Mapusa/Mumbai
28/03/2012 15:29:59

I am glad for getting some informations by some relatives....

Mohan Patil, Andheri
28/03/2012 13:12:47

Hi dear Harish hw r u
best regards from Nirlon Security Staffs

Kemmannu News Network Team, Kemmannu
28/03/2012 12:57:56

Dear Mr. Ramakrishna Sidrapala, We wish you a very bright future in Hubli, The paintings are superb. Keep it up.

28/03/2012 11:18:43

Dear Sir/Madam,
Namaskar, Good job done by you by helping poor students, Sir, i would like to know if you help even students going for higher studies after 2nd PUC. my daughter is writing 2nd PU PCMB exams held in March 2012 and she’s even appearing for CET to be held in May 2012. Please let me know through email that if you provide financial help to bright students after passing 2nd PU board exams, as am a poor lady and bread earner of my family who look after my daughter 2nd PU and Son 6th STD., i request you to kindly inform me regarding this matter.
Thanks n regards,

Sachin, Bangalore
28/03/2012 10:19:16

I completely agree with Alan. Having known John’s family and also meeting him in person last year..... his family had tried their level best to have him live among them but it was his choice to live at his mother’s place and on his own, very sad that his death was discovered late.
May his soul rest in peace.
Request people to comment on any situation post full review/verifying facts else it would hurt the loved ones.

Rajesh, Malpe
28/03/2012 09:10:37

@Allen Crasta, Barkur/Dubai. Thank you for providing some details about John Lewis. May his soul rest in peace.

Allen Crasta, Barkur / Dubai
28/03/2012 07:57:12

Donot coment anything just seeing the Picture. Johny Uncle is the youngest Son (Family Picture) of the family and His Wife left him within a year of thier marriage life .

Jossey Saldanha, Mangalore/Mapusa/Mumbai
28/03/2012 06:43:00

From one of the pictures I gather he had seven children, yet he died all alone.
Now I expect these seven kids to pounce for his property. I wonder if he died a normal death.
May his soul RIP………..

Rajesh, Malpe
28/03/2012 06:12:59

The way this house entrence was shown in the picture, looks like the person may be was not mentally sound and it is also possible that the person has not kept any relation with his family, so the readers dragging the family without knowing any reasons will not make any sense.

Giri Malpani, Bagalkot
28/03/2012 05:21:16

The whole karnataka has become a shit these days.last month yeddurappa,next G.J reddy,after that ministers watching porn are caught,now leaking of paper.Really hats off for the karnataka ministers,if they are placed at the national level.India will be the most corrupted country in the world.People who did this will realise the day when it comes to their son or daughter.

Agnel, Kemman/ Mumbai
28/03/2012 04:28:51

Very sad to note that even in places like Kallianpur/Santhekatte, we dont have a minute’s time in a week to enquire about the well being of our neighbour. May his soul rest in peace.

Lawrance, Udupi
28/03/2012 04:09:04

Very Sad, kemmannu.com please collect the information about his family which is shown in your pictures and publish for the benifit of other deserted elders, no one should get this type of death. May his soul rest in peace,

Simon Lewis, Santhekatte/Kallianpur
27/03/2012 19:10:03

Shocking I belong to same place. Can you give more details of the relatives?

James, Dubai
27/03/2012 18:51:21

Very sad ending to this senior citizen, no one to take care till his death, if he leaves behind some property, now i am sure many will claim their relationship.

Prashanth, sanyasimutt/dubai
27/03/2012 06:59:17


Joy Pais, Milagres Kallianpura
26/03/2012 18:00:10

I love this place since had the opportunity to host outdoor picnic for my cousin and his bride just got married couple of months back. We had fun here enjoyed the beautiful beach and the canoe cruise the river is so peaceful because every stretch out of it in the shade of palm groves soothing eyes.
I think in one word Kemmannu and Kallianpur are called Thonse where great minds scholars prominent personalities who are now living at home and as well all over world. They have so far praised for their motherland. A person who loves his mother will come back to her……

Jossey Saldanha, Mangalore/Mapusa/Mumbai
26/03/2012 16:21:36

Thanks Belinda for the apple quote. Quoting Shakespeare “Theres small choice in rotten apples" means - If one apple is rotten, there isn’t much to choose from.

belinda dsouza, KEMMANNU//NEW YORK
26/03/2012 13:22:24

I had the pleasure of staying at this BEACH HOUSE last month. I had a wonderful experience. I grew up in Kemmannu and left it when I was 17 .Went around the world and fell in love again this time. I vouch for the Hoode beach,Bengre,Thonse health center and the beautiful backwaters of kemmannu. Enjoy it before the tourists take over the place. Thonse health center very much in par with the rest of the centers in India. Beach is still not crowded and very peaceful. My four year old twins had a blast. They are still talking about the beach house to their friends here in the USA. Good luck Richard. Thanks for thinking ahead and being ahead of the crowd. The Bengre stretch is a beautiful stretch, similar to the KEY WEST in MIAMI. People are peaceful. I want to say there are few bad apples anywhere in the world. We have to learn to live with them.


Basavaraj, Delhi
26/03/2012 11:53:48

We are not blaming to commissioner. Whoever the culprit may be, but they must be a part of the system then only it is possible do such leakages.
Rather taking very strong actions against culprits the commissioner is threatening only the students by giving the news statement that "the postponed exams will be very tough and only 30% or so of the students will get through".
Being a powerful person she should take care of the students by making favor to them. The culprits are none other than the officials and the government is safegaurding them. It is shame on all the ignorant citizens who have the power to stop it but keeping quite.

SURESH KOTIAN Sanyasimatta, udipi
26/03/2012 09:54:55

Excellent work my dear friends...Really missed it... Nice snaps.. thanks kemmannu.com Mr.Harish Shetty nic pic durgaparameshwari amma blessing you in comeing days.

Ashwath Amin, Kemmannu
26/03/2012 09:17:28

Excellent work my dear friends...Really missed it...
Nice snaps.. thanks kemmannu.com...

Mithun Cornelio, Kakkunje/Bangalore
26/03/2012 07:41:10

Congrats Nery Bappu, its a great moment to our family. Carry on, wish you all the success.

Collin D’Souza, Kallianpur
26/03/2012 07:37:35

Congratulations Dr. Nery my friend. Wish you more success in your future. Best wishes:
Collin family Kallianpur

26/03/2012 07:36:41


Jeevarathnam G, BANGALORE
26/03/2012 07:30:12

This is good opportunity for me because on that day i was not well. So i thank god.

Ophelia, Alex, Kallianpur
26/03/2012 07:21:01

Congratulations and best wishes

Melwyn cornelio, Kakkunje/Dubai
26/03/2012 06:28:28

Nery Bab, it is a proud moment for our family. Long deserved accolades, I am sure many more to come and always beleived in your capabilities. God Bless/ Mel Cornelio n family.

Herman, Bahrain
26/03/2012 05:31:40

Cogratulations Sir. Wish you more sucess in your future life.

Jason F Andrade, *
26/03/2012 00:57:37

Congratulations To Mr. Neri Carnelio

Ramesh, India
25/03/2012 19:16:59

Cogratulations to the Principal and our Milagres college - Ex student.

saira, bangalore
25/03/2012 15:41:28

even d biology paper was leaked...plz do re exam !!!

B.M.ZAFFER, Thonse, Dubai UAE
25/03/2012 15:05:01

Congratulations to our beloved friend Mr. Richards for building a wonderful beach house . My dear Jossy Saldana, I don’t agree with your openion. With a single incident you can’t judge my home land. Businessmen like you must encourage others to bring such more projects to our land. . I have been in Goa, i am sure LEONARDO BEACH HOUSE has similar surrounding of resort at Mapusa, Koluva and other beach house of Goa. We need encouragements from people like you to develop our place so that the next generation be proud to belongs a land of resorts. We have been running successfully THONSE HEALTH centre with all support of locals from Hoode to kalianpur. I am very happy to inform you that more than 80% of our visitor from outsiders and 5% are from Goa. . They like our place very much have lot of good words about our people. There may be some trouble makers or jealous people in every places and society. But most of our people are humble and peace livings. I can tell you proudly during my 45 years of life I never face a single incident which you narrated above . Therefore, I humbly request you to change your mind and visit our place. We need encouragements and support from people like you to develop our home land. Encouraging words, enjoying our own people’s success , mutual respect and love towards home land make the difference. Let us be together , return something back to homeland which given us everything. God bless all of us. Jai Thonese, Jai Hind

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