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Mohammed Iqbal, Shiruru/Dubai
01/01/2011 16:50:29

Dear Zafer bahi,Congratulation,Al Hamdulillah,Mashallah the Almighty Allah shows your dream in to fact on 1.1.11,The day THC start give benefit to the people of home town,like same Allah will give more success,health wealth for more efforts towards your dreams in facts

Ashfaq Ahmed, Al Barsha , UAE
01/01/2011 16:22:23

Well done Br. Zaffer, Your really an inspiring personnel for the youths of community.
You have done it and proved the society that our community is not behind. May Allah accpet your efforts and bless you more and more in years to come.
Heartly wishes on your achievment.

01/01/2011 15:38:55


Sameer Baikadi, Thonse Hoode-Al Khobar KSA
01/01/2011 13:58:28

Dear Kemmannu.Com Mgmt.

It is really wonderful work done by your team to bring live pictures and reports and you people done great job I am really grateful to you since we are missing the live actions.

It was nice to see my relatives, friends and native people and my Milagres College principal Fr. J B D soza who my principal (Milagres College Silver Jubilee Year)

Keep up the good work going...Best wishes and Happy New Year

ansar sheikh, tonse bengre / dubai
01/01/2011 13:48:53

mabrook,mabrook,THC whole team.

Sameer Baikadi, Thonse Hoode-Al Khobar-KSA
01/01/2011 13:45:30

Dear Zaffer Bhai

Congratulations!! Masha Allah The Long awaited day finally has come and we saw the innaguration pictures, it was nice to see Thaya who innagurated the THC thanks Allah for his blessing.

Once again Congratulations for Zaffer Bhai and Rafiq Bhai.

Best wishes for the future...

Arvin Quadros n Fly Kemmannu/Abudhabi, KEMMANNU
01/01/2011 13:43:15

Dear Mr.Zaffer,Year 2011 your dreams come true.Nice to see and good luck.Many Thanks to www.Kemmannu.com.Nice Updates..

SAIM ASSOCIATES, Santhekatte/Kallianpur
01/01/2011 12:49:28

Dear Zaffer Bhai, Believe in your efforts and god will believe in your dreams nsha allah. Frm SAIM ASSOCIATES

Mohammed Sadik G, Hoode/Dubai
01/01/2011 12:35:20

Congrats THC team and kemmannu.com team for bringing updated pictorial report.

SAIM ASSOCIATES, Santhekatte, Kallianpur
01/01/2011 12:26:59

Dear Zaffer Bhai,
Believe in your efforts and god will believe in your dreams nsha allah.

Nassar tonse, dubai
01/01/2011 09:01:01

Congratulations dear Zaffer.
we are proud of your great work and wishing you good luck and all the success in future.

Sameer Baikadi, Thonse Hoode-Khobar KSA
01/01/2011 08:56:39

Dear Zaffer Bai

Eagerly waiting for the moment.... it is just couple of hours left. Since I am missing the ceremony only thur Kemmannu.Com is the source of the Glimse and I really thank to Kemmannu.com for their good work and promise to bring the glimse of Oppn.ceremony best wishes for Zaffer bai and Rafiq Bai

Mohd Ansar Basrur Habibullah, Basrur/Dubai
01/01/2011 08:04:15

"Pople who consider themselves victims of their circumstances will always remain victims unless they develop a greater vision for their lives" said Stead Graham. People are not born great they are made great by their noble deeds. Our community needs to be led out of this vicious shackles of victimizations by people like you. Hats off to you Jaffar and Dr.Rafiq Keep it up. Jazakumullah Khair.

01/01/2011 07:25:30

How they can take away the ballot paper, where as the other picture shows EVM s - May be they used bills in old stock or typical error from adminstartion.

shahid, kumbidil/Kerala(st)
31/12/2010 22:23:15

Wish you all the best,allah bless You

Sheik Shukoor, Mangalore, Dammam
31/12/2010 19:48:53

Hello Zaffer Bai, great achivement. May Allah bless you and good luck for the great project
Shukoor,Zeenath,Shazinand Zehera

Sheik Shukoor, Mangalore, Dammam
31/12/2010 19:29:34

All the best. may allha bless you for your effort

rafiq thone, hoode tauheed mohalla
31/12/2010 14:18:48

congratulations jafr bai

31/12/2010 09:49:40

Dear friends, relatives well wishers,
I have no words to express my feelings towards your love affectionate on THONSE HEALTH CENTRE, which belongs to all of you. All of you are directly or indirectly responsible for my development. I feel I got more than everything which I expected in my life. It’s because of my childhood friend/ brother Dr. Rafiq we go this beautiful Health Island in my home land.
I request all of my dearest and nearest to consider this is my very personal request/invitation to attend the function as due to the time limit and busy with final touch for the opening it will not be possible to send each

31/12/2010 09:38:40

Dear Clive Venitia,

Congratulations!!! Wish you both a very Happy Married Life.God bless you. May the coming years fill your lives with love and happiness. Blessed married life filled with happiness,love prosperity

From: Ria, Reshma

jascintha taniya lewis, Kemmannu/Bangalore
31/12/2010 07:15:52

congrats. I wish u all success looking forward your good service for poor people, may God bless u al with good health, strength support.Best wishes from JASCINTHA

Gunvant Sheth, Mumbai
31/12/2010 07:12:20

Dear Jafferbhai, Congretulation and our best wishesh that Almighty shower every sucess and prosperity to your new venture, it is indeed you and your freinds effort to service our society with our Ayurved heritage.

Khan Brothers - Kandlur/Dammam, Kandlur
30/12/2010 17:14:07

May Allah bless you for this wonderful initiative in your hometown. Your desire for improving the health care facilities for the people of your hometown is worth applauding.Congratulations Mr. Zaffer Dr. Rafik and wish you the best for future.

Alfred Crasto, Nairobi, Kenya
30/12/2010 12:33:08

Dear Zaffer, Its so nice to hear about such an interesting project in our hometown, we salute your vision and love to your hometown. Its really a new year gift to the people of karnataka, Thanks to Alex Lewis and kemmannu.com for this nice interview.Alphy, Nairobyf, Kenya

Satish Chilly Willy -Kemmannu/Dubai, Kemmannu/Dubai
30/12/2010 11:29:47

Dear Jaffar,
Congrates Masha Allah your Service to humanity, it will always help you to come up in your life and dedication and your vision to our home town will always remember you Good Luck and God Bless You, satish Chilly Willy Dubai/Kemmannu

Abul Tonse, India
30/12/2010 10:54:40

Dear brother Salam,

Hope with the grace of the Allah you are all fine there.

I have read your exclusive interview with kemmannu.com people; really it was a great experience.

I am very lucky to be among those, who know you the best. I have been a keen observer of your path of success.

Countdown has begun for the inaugural day of the “land mark” of our proud Tonse. It will be the time when the dream will come into reality. Your vision got the result. Everybody have the right to dream, but only those with courage to fulfill it are the ones who really believe in themselves.

I recall the famous saying of Poet Kuvempu, “when the first drop of rain falls on the soil, the smell is not considered to be a bad odour but it is considered to be the fragrance of your native soil”. This statement describes you well. Gold is considered to be more precious than soil, but the value of the soil of your motherland is priceless. You are the one who know that importance of native soil. As said in the interview about your childhood dream about making your native to be a place of attraction to all, including those who had negative thoughts about it before, has come into reality and Insha Allah

Rutba A H Tonse., Inida
30/12/2010 10:52:31

Assalamu Alaikum Bro,

I hope with the grace of Allah you and your family are fine there.

It was a pleasure to read your interview in kemmannu.com. Congratulations bro. Unfortunately Abul could only get your interview from kemmannu.com, but couldn t comment in it as the company firewall settings doesn t allow them to do so. Anyways we were atleast fortunate enough to read your interview and also the article on THC.

Masha Allah Bro, the hospital has come up so well. We dont think any of THC s patient would feel to be in the envrionment of a hospital. Insha Allah they ll surely to be at home. There is no second thought about the service provided by THC as its backbones are great people like you and Dr. Rafique Bro. I dont want to write more on THC as the words are falling short.

The big day is ahead and we think butterflies are already in your stomach!!

We cannot make up for the inaugration but will definitely pray to Allah for the grand success of the inaugration and hope that Insha Allah THC will only see success in its days to come.

ALL THE VERY BEST to you and Dr. Rafique Bro!

Once again Congratulations to both of you!!

Convey my Salam to Bhabhi and kids.


Abdul wahab, RIYADH
30/12/2010 08:42:40

Mr. Zaffar, and Dr. Rafi, we Pray allah for your Great success, and we request all thonse and surrounding families should take full advantage of this HOSPITAL and should involve in their success ,Ameen

30/12/2010 06:13:18


P.Madhava Rao, kemmannu
30/12/2010 06:08:56

Well done Mr.Jafer.People of your native place will remember u for very long time. All the Best. My whole hearted best wishes.

29/12/2010 22:17:44

My nearest and dearest brothers Dr. Rafiq and B.M. Zaffer, Congratulations on this great achievement. On this occasion, I remember my brother late Munawar and uncle late Abdul Razak Malpe and miss them so much.

Sameer Baikadi, Thonse Hoode-Al Khobar KSA
29/12/2010 11:37:01

Dear (Dr.)Rafiq Bhai

Congratulations and best wishes for you too, since I forgot to mention your name in my note. I have high regard for you since you are special person, and your attitude towards people very very humble and you are soft spoken person and you really care for the thonse people and helping them in their health problem irrespective of the time ( day and night) with smiling face we need more peole like you in the society. I know challenges are ahead for you in new role I am sure you will be doing great job and I wish you and Zaffer Bhai best of luck and we all pray for your success Almighty Allah show his blessing on this noble cause.

nagaraj, kemmannu
29/12/2010 11:31:14

Great Job. Jafar, God Bless you.

Ratnakar Shetty, Udupi
29/12/2010 11:03:56

Mr.Zaffer, It is a very heart touching, done a very good service for all our society

hanif k m tonse, dubai
29/12/2010 08:35:40

masha allah it looks nice and fantastic.mr.zaffer bhai and mr.dr,mohd.rafeeq bhai congratulations and best wishes this project. jazakumullah khair insha allah.

29/12/2010 07:03:25

Masha Allah!!!! The THONSE HELTH CENTRE is really great.

Dear Zaffer Bhai, you are know for your selfless service and this hospital is a very big example for it. "Service to humanity" is what you have been doing since long. Insha Allah you will continue to do. We hope that Allah s mercy and blessings be always upon you and on your great deeds. May Allah give you all strength and guide you in every walk. We wish Insha Allah may "Success be in all your good deeds". Let the dedication and vission of you and Dr. Rafique see only success in days to come and let the motto "Service to Humanity" be upheld always. We are always praying for your success.

We wish you "ALL THE BEST"


President, Members

Darussalam Committee

Tonse, Dubai, UAE

Braan, Kemmannu
29/12/2010 02:56:09


Jaffer I remember you as a fighter on the cricket field with a runner, but a safe slip catcher. Hope you remember me too for our respective team prestiges, every Saturday and Sunday cricket contests between kemmannu and hoode. We played innumerable matches as oppositions. We people were trying your best to get a out right victory. After the match we were good friends enjoyed cherished the moments. That’s history now!

Here Jaffer you are doing a Thendulkar"s job in the Medicine world..
You are giving oportunity yo so many deserved people to get served/ work etc. Hats off to you my friend, I feel proud to announce Jaffer was my friend and still going strong. May almighty shower the best of blessings on you. Keep this good work going………

Dear Alex Lewis, Good Interview, nice photographs, keep it up

28/12/2010 18:28:44


Sunil Das, Thonse Kemmannu
28/12/2010 17:25:03

Great minds and great people always bring progress to Kemmannu. We are so proud of Mr Jafar for his ambitious project thats in a remote village. Since half decade the map of Kemmannu is on the worlds media information through kemmannu.com has added few more feathers of glory on her hat.
No doubt this health center has all the facilities to cure the sick without barriers. We hope people across the continents come to Kemmannu Thonse like the very famous likewise Parika of Manipal.

shaikh fahad, moodbidri/saudi arabia
28/12/2010 16:35:14

mashallah very fantastic project jaffer bhai..wish u all the best and success all the time...inshallah

Rajbengre, Kodibengre
28/12/2010 15:53:22

Dear Zaffer, congratulation for you and you team for this wonderful achievement. I am sure this is just a beginning and many more to come. Good luck my friend.

Shayaz, tonse
28/12/2010 15:41:28

Mashallah,Great work,Let this work be a great sucess in ur life...God Bless

Zameer Baikadi, Al Khobar, KSA - Hoode
28/12/2010 14:59:22

Dear Zaffer Bhai,

Congratulations for the successful completion of Grand Project at Native place, it was pleasure to read your interview and photos were awesome, certainly photo with your dad (taya) given more joy. I pray to Allah for your success.

28/12/2010 13:33:52

Hi Jaffer Bhai Congratulations Best Wishes For Your Every Success All The Best. From : Jason Andrade

28/12/2010 10:12:33


Herman D souza, Bahrain
28/12/2010 10:09:53

All the best to Mr.Zaffer. Its a unic facility to our native place.I wish you a great success.

Kudoor Saifulla, Hoode/Dubai
28/12/2010 09:59:41

This new year will be a special one to the people of Thonse and surrounding Insha Allah.New year to be remembered for many years to come.Congratulations and good wishes to Br.Zaffer,Dr.Rafiq and the whole of Thonse.

Ayajaz, dammam
28/12/2010 09:32:49

Dearest Zafar,
Assala alaikoum, Congratulations Best wishes. Allah the Almighty give you the best in health, Achievement success in future.
Best Regards,
Ayajaz Ahmed, Mohd. Afzal, Noor Ahmed

Dr Ranjan Mathias, Kemmannu / Doha
28/12/2010 09:01:21

Excellent work Mr Jaffer. Wish you all success in your project. The concern you shown to your villagers is really appreciated

Nazeer, Kemmannu / Bahrain.
28/12/2010 07:03:56

Dear Jaffar,
Many Congratulations, Very impressive work and very well adopted the nature’s beauty in your dream project. May Allah bless you in this great cause, this is not only the Service to humanity, you are converted this unseen tiny island into great landmark for generations, Wish you good luck and good health.
Nazeer Family, Bahrain.

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